Broadband Checker - Time To Check For Broadband?

Jul 25




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This article guides you through the best ways in which you can ensure you are getting the best deal from your broadband provider by using a broadband deal checker.


When looking for the best broadband deals around it is always recommended that one should use a broadband checker. This nifty little tool not only finds you deals but also helps you compare them against others currently on the market. Of course,Broadband Checker - Time To Check For Broadband? Articles the results obtained will be different dependent on where you are based and what type of checker you are using as some will offer more detailed readings than others.

What exactly is a broadband deal checker?

When looking for broadband one will usually use online comparison websites to find the best deal. If you were ever asked for a postal code or telephone number before being shown deals, this would have been your first encounter with a broadband deal checker. This type of checker will use the information as a filter and identify the different provider deals in your area making it easier to find deals available to you.

What type of deals will the broadband checker look at?

The majority of these devices will allow you to choose the type of broadband connection you wish to look at. There are three different types from which you can choose, these being phone, cable and mobile. The checker will also allow you to choose as many of the options as you wish or require. By doing this you are provided with the freedom to determine which connection is best for you.

The results this broadband checker produces do not include broadband only packages but different bundled deals. These bundle deals will include mobile connections with free incentives. However, if you are looking for particular offers such as the iPad deal you will require an alternative checker. The reasoning behind this is that these special deals are generally not included in the broadband results as they are viewed as product and not broadband deals. One the results of your search have been obtained you are ready to sort through them according to a particular number of points.

How detailed are the results of this type of checker?

The accuracy of the results varies as the quantity of data varies according to the type of checker. Many deal checkers will provider highly detailed results showing all aspects of the packages, whereas others are rather low quality in reporting showing only the provider and deal. The former type will provide links to the provider’s websites for perusal purposes allowing for a more thorough comparison of deals.

What can one expect to see in these results?

 The results of broadband checkers include particular pieces of information about service providers and the offers they have on the market. By having a better understanding of this data you will be able to make an informed decision after comparing the deals.

1. The service provider
The first piece of data noted in the search results listing is the name of the service provider. This is done for a number of reasons. Firstly, so one will know which provider is associated with which deal and secondly, to allow individuals a personal preference when choosing a potential network.

2. A short summery of the deal offered
All readings will show a summary of the deal in either a basic or more detailed form. The general features of this briefing include the connection type, the download speed, the cost of the deal, particular special offers and any additional free incentives such as vouchers.

3. An explanation of the connection speed
Possibly the most significant features of a broadband connection is the download speed. This speed is usually prefixed by words followed by an asterisk. It is measured in megabytes per second which is represented by the format Mb/sec: The higher the recording, the faster the speed of the connection.

4. Data limits of the different packages
The data limit of the broadband connection is arguably as or even more important than the connection speed. It is usually placed in a column entitled 'downloads', which refers to the download limitations - the download limitations are the same as the data limitations. To identify what the limit is the words 'unlimited' will be shown if the deal has an unlimited cap or a number with GB following it will be shown which identifies the deal's cap.

5. The length of the contract
The length of the contract is placed in the next column. This amount will be displayed in a number between 1 -24. The number is representative of months.

6. The monthly price of the deal on offer
The final column shows the cost of the deal based on a monthly figure. This monthly price is not inclusive of additional costs such as the installation fee and phone line rental. These hidden expenses are usually found in the small or fine print of the contract.

The aforementioned results are generally only obtained when searching for ADSL or cable broadband. However, if you include mobile broadband deals into the search different results will be included in the listings. The most common inclusion for the mobile broadband is the upfront payments you will be required to make when paying for a deal. This type of expense is usually found in a bundle that includes free incentives.

What are the limitations of the broadband checker?

While this type of checker seems a very useful little item there are pitfalls one may face. The greatest problem noted is the limitation on deals checker. It is literally impossible for a checker to identify all deals available on the internet. More often than not, the checker will observe the larger providers first and leave the smaller ones out of the results. This means if you were to see a package in the newspaper from a local service provider it will not appear on the checker. This brings up the next issue that checkers are only able to retrieve packages posted online.

A further problem one may encounter is that deals may be obsolete. While some checkers maintain databases of deals on their servers, if the offer expires before the server is updated it may still appear among the results.