Putting Parental Controls to the Test - Dish Network

Dec 28


David Johnson

David Johnson

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One of the biggest problems in the average family home in today’s time is what the kids can see on television. It can be hard to constantly monitor what they are watching while you are attempting to complete your everyday chores around the house. There are parental systems you can buy but they cost so much it is crazy. So Dish Network makes it easy for with their service you do not only get great television services but also you can get parental controls as part of your package deal.


The way Dish Network parental controls works is so easy it is wonderful. With Dish Network parental controls you have two settings you can chose from. You can pick a pre-made setting which determines which channels is suitable or not for young children by which channels fall into which category.  The categories where determined by a board of people from the children’s television division and what they did was to select which channels would and would not be appropriate for young children. When this parental setting is turned on in blocks all the channels not rated as suitable for children and only allows your children to access their channels so you can know they can surf around all they want and only see the channels that are best for them. This parental control is password protected so you do not have to worry about it timing out or reverting to regular channel selections with out your approval first. The second parental control system is more of a personalized system. When you set up the parental controls in this parental control set up you personally select which channels you wish to be blocked and which channels you wish to be available to your children. You can update and change your blocked channel choices at any time. This parental control system allows you to have the choice of what you believe is appropriate for their age and what is not. This parental control system is also password protected and once again can not time out or revert to regular channel selections without your approval first. These two parental control units are really a great addition to any family entertainment environment because they really work great and add that worry free feeling to your children’s days off in front of the television. With these two very helpful parental control system combined with the great service of Dish Network for everyday low prices you are really getting away with a great deal. The parental controls are excellent for the everyday family and make it a much easier task for you to be able to monitor the channels and shows your children are viewing. Dish Network really helps to make a difference by helping you parents control what goes into the little brains of your loved little ones and keeps them from accidentally seeing scenes they should not see that their innocent age. Parental Controls from Dish Network help to make a difference in a young child’s development.