Why Dish Network Appeals to Parents

Dec 28


David Johnson

David Johnson

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When you get a new television provider and you have a family with young children the new television service is not just for you but your children as well. So, naturally you want a satellite television provider that understands this and does not have excessive adult channels or no way to filter out the channels with explicit content.

One such company is Dish Network. Dish Network has a unique parental control set up that allows you to remove any channels that contain profanity,Why Dish Network Appeals to Parents Articles sexual content, drug use, and even nudity from your everyday channel selection.Dish Networks’ parental controls have two different settings both of which are password protected so that only you can remove the blocks on the channels. There is no way for it to turn off on its own or be bypassed by your children. One of the settings of parental controls that Dish Network offers is a preset choice of channels to be blocked that are chosen based on their rating from the board of broadcasting. When this parental control setting is activated it only allows the channels that are not on the pre chosen list to be accessible. Once the parental control system is turned off you can once again access the full television line up with no channels being blocked. The second parental control system is one that you set up to your specifics. When initially activated you get to personally go through each channel and select which channels you wish to be blocked when the parental control system is activated. You can go into the set up at any time and add or remove whichever channels you wish to be on the inaccessible channel list. This unique parental control system allows you to have a more flexible way of monitoring your children’s television. You can change the channels as they grow older to allow more and more channels to be accessible or you can even use the parental control system as a regulatory means. We all know that we can ground our children from television when they misbehave and we also know that they can still turn on the television to their favorite shows when we are not around to enforce their punishment. Well, with Dish Network parental controls you can just go in and add those channels to the blocked list and they have no way of sneaking in a moment of television with out permission.  Overall, the parental control set up from Dish Network is the best there is to offer with its password protection and system selections. Dish Network give you the many options on how you wish to regulate what is aired in your home.