Samsung E570 - A perfect blend of style and innovation.

Jan 23


Samuel Herrick

Samuel Herrick

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The Samsung E570 is a stylish clamshell that comes with some very amazing features. The handset can be used as a digital camera, calorie counter, unit counter, and pedometer, among other things. Moreover, users can track down the handset using the 'Mobile Tracker' security program if it is lost or stolen.


A stylish mobile phone,Samsung E570 - A perfect blend of style and innovation. Articles the Samsung E570 is giving tough competition to other equally stylish handsets such as mobile phones from the L'Amour edition from Nokia. Sporting a clamshell design, the E570 from Samsung has become the current favourite of fashion conscious phone users across different parts of the world. The handset is available in a wide spectrum of colours. An interested person could choose from varied hues that include sweet pink, orange, blue, silver and black.


The handset is light in weight and small in profile; one can easily fit the handset in one's pockets. The texture is smooth and glossy. The shape is oval and elegant. This Samsung mobile is also quite robust. As a matter of fact, the external display of the handset is protected from abrasions through the incorporation of a plastic frame. The keyboard is designed ergonomically and is easy to use.


One needs to flip open the handset to discover all its different facets. For one, the Samsung E570 is tri-band compatible. An owner of this mobile phone can remain connected with people who could be located almost anywhere in the globe. Other connectivity options include GPRS and EDGE - a fact that ensures that users are not disappointed while using the handset. Another key attraction of this Samsung mobile is a 1.3 megapixel digital camera that can be used to capture precious moments from one's life.


And this is not all. The E570 from Samsung comes with certain other innovative options that make it quite the gadget to acquire and use. The 'Mobile Tracker' security program is in place; this means that users can track down their handsets in instances when they are lost or stolen. The Samsung E570 is quite a multi-purpose tool. It can be used as a pedometer, calorie counter as well as a unit counter, among other things.

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