The Motorola Backflip Provides A Wealth Of Features

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Being the first Andriod-powered phone available from Motorola, needless to say the Motorola Backflip was highly anticipated upon its initial release.

 With its unique design,Guest Posting never before seen touchpad, Android operating system, and multiple applications, the Backflip is a delight for any mobile phone enthusiast or average user. Elaborating on its unique design, it is the first mobile to ever have a 'flip' design, allowing users to prop it up on a nightstand to use as an alarm clock or on a table in front of friends to watch a YouTube video or movie trailer. Here are a few of the most popular features:

----Seamless Radio Integration

The Motorola Backflip offers a stellar FM radio application, with clear and static-free quality coming from every channel, no matter where one is travelling.

----Touchpad Technology

The very first to offer such a technology, a small touchpad located directly under the screen comes standard with every Backflip, allowing users to scroll through webpages and icons with the use of his or her finger. This new technology offers Android application developers new and exciting opportunities to create apps specifically designed to utilize its touch-based nature.

----Flip Design

With the Motorola Backflip's exclusive 'flip' design that allows users to flip the keyboard under or against the homescreen, its dominance in the Android mobile phone market is being slowly but surely set in place. This landmark of an invention was savagely taken in by mobile phone enthusiasts and companies, evoking multiple spin-offs of its technology and design.

----Android Operating System

The Backflip's Android operating system allows it to set itself apart from other mobile phones, granting users the ability to customize homescreens and icons, wallpapers and applications. Multiple homescreens is another favourable feature amongst mobile users, with each homescreen used for a different purpose (i.e., clock, calendar, app list, etc.)

It seems apparent that the Motorola Backflip is viable for a long future amongst other mobiles in the marketplace, proving Motorola's habit of investing wisely in products and having customer satisfaction in mind at all times. Although targeted at a younger audience, the Backflip is a mobile phone for anyone to use, whether eighteen or eighty. Highly anticipated during its release and highly sought after still, this phone will make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, allowing him or her countless hours of enjoyment and crystal clear talk quality, something which is the most important feature of all.

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