The Stylish HTC Sensation Is An Effective Web Browsing Handset

Sep 19


Chris Westley

Chris Westley

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The powerful HTC Sensation is a smartphone which has proven to be popular thanks to its impressive spec list and great styling. It is currently the manufacturer’s flagship smartphone, and offers appeal to many kinds of user.


Although the handset is very versatile,The Stylish HTC Sensation Is An Effective Web Browsing Handset Articles I will take a look at its abilities as a web browsing device.


The HTC Sensation excels at the task that many smartphone users would consider one of the most important – web browsing. Surprisingly, some smartphones really fall short in this category, whether it is due to slow connection speeds, poor web browsing software or difficulty of use.


The HTC Sensation offers fast connection speeds, as well as an easy to use and powerful web browsing application from HTC Sense, the manufacturer’s custom Android UI.



Like most smartphones, the HTC Sensation relies on both 3G coverage and Wi-Fi connectivity. The HTC Sensation provides very fast data download rates in areas with 3G coverage, and this is provided courtesy of an HSDPA connection; at an impressive 14.4 megabytes per second. This means that data is downloaded quickly, and YouTube videos load almost instantly with very little buffering. An alternative means of connecting to the internet is provided by Wi-Fi, which allows the HTC Sensation to browse the web at a similar speed to that of a computer which is connected to a Wi-Fi signal. All that’s required for this is the appropriate passwords to connect to the network. Another bonus of Wi-Fi is that it is often provided for free in many public and commercial locations, and any Wi-Fi browsing you do does not eat into your data allowance, and this is ideal if you are on a limited data plan.


An added bonus of the HTC Sensation is that it can be used for Wi-Fi tethering for up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices. For example you can connect laptops, iPads and other phones to the internet, by running the Wi-Fi signal through your HTC Sensation.


Web Browsing Software

The default web browsing application on the HTC Sensation is provided as part of the HTC Sense package. HTC Sense in general offers many innovative features, and the web browser is no different. One of the most notable features of this is called text auto-reflow. This works when you use the pinch to zoom facility when on a website. The text will then change its layout to fit the screen, as well as resize. On other phones it just resizes, so you have to scroll from side to side to read the entire block of text. Flash is also enabled, meaning that any embedded flash content such as games, videos and graphics are fully viewable so no websites are out of bounds. The browser on the HTC Sensation of course also supports multiple tabbed browsing, so it really has the feel of web browsing on a PC.


There is of course a lot more that I could cover but as you can see, the HTC Sensation is a great web browsing device, and has the credentials to put the majority of its competition to shame.