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If you have finally decided to ditch your cable service or even your standard TV programming to join the satellite TV revolution then you can rest assured that you have made the right decision. It really is hard to believe but some people are actually still using standard TV with the rabbit-eared antennae for their home entertainment, even now when there are so many reasonably priced options that are far superior.

Once you realize that you can have up to two-hundred and fifty channels that cover virtually all genres of entertainment at your finger tips,Guest Posting you will view your TV viewing time with a whole new perspective. You will realize a whole new level of entertainment with so many options in sports channels, news and information channels, music and movie programming and so much more all in digital format for a crystal clear picture and sound.For years now, two satellite TV service providers have been the leading players in the business and they both appear to be running neck and neck in terms of choices and options with regard to the service that they both have to offer. With so many choices and options being offered by both of them, it can be somewhat bewildering when trying to make a final decision between the two of them but there are subtle differences that should be taken into account when deciding.Dish Network and DirecTV both have extensive satellite and relay systems that completely cover North America and they also both have long standing reputations in customer service that have been recognized by J.D. Power and associates, so for quality of service they are both highly recommended. Also, both of them can be easily procured over the Internet for complete convenience. DirecTV was launched in 1994 and has undergone phenomenal growth since its inception hence; it caries the largest customer base with over fifteen-million viewers. DirecTV has positioned itself as the premium sports leader in the business with twenty-five premium sports channels and two ultra-premium sports programs that are available from no other service provider. While Dish Network has a smaller customer base with approximately ten million viewers they have positioned themselves at the number one spot with regards to available premium movie channels, with well over thirty at the present time, including Showtime Unlimmited, HBO, Cinimax and Starz Superpak just to name a few. Dish Network also holds the leading position over DirecTV in the area of high definition TV programming, with over thirty HD channels in some viewing areas, compared to DirecTVs 12 channels of high definition programming. Both of these to media giants also have very loose purse strings when it comes to promotional offers and new members can expect to not have to pay for a single piece of equipment, because they both supply everything including a complete satellite TV system. They both also have very generous free instalation policies as well as free upgrades of both programming packages and receivers. So it is highly advised that you study your two options very carefully before you make your final decision.

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