Advertising: Finding a New Home in Online Media

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Advertising has taken a step higher, thanks to the great help of the online media. Online advertising has become the most profitable fields nowadays, giving opportunities to people to earn just by becoming channels of persuasive communication in the Internet.

The social media have tremendously changed many aspects of business relations. It has become a two-edged sword in that it provided both benefits and backlashes. On one hand,Guest Posting it propelled business activities through the increased efficiency in communication. On the other, it downsized gains and profits due to the increase of market competitors which have easily put themselves up thanks to their easy publicity courtesy of the social media.

But if there’s one facet of business relations greatly affected by the sudden boom of the social media, that perhaps is advertising. In the recent years, this field has consistently changed and developed to keep up with the changing times. It could be considered one of the areas which greatly benefited from surge of social media utility. At the same time, however, it is also one of those greatly devastated by social media in such a way that it was altered and appropriated in so many ways and respects that it almost spelled its doom.

Advertising has really gone a long way from its humble beginning as a mere form of persuasion in print in 1836. Today, it has become the most dominant form of communication. It remained successful and influential because it is a lucrative and interesting field.

Through time, it has fared well driving and shaping consumers’ actions and behavior towards certain products. And products come in different forms: tangible goods -  grocery items, real estate properties, cars; intangible goods - educational plans, services; and even advocacies, campaigns, and ideologies. These distinctions paved way for the different sub-categories of this field such as commercial, non-commercial, political, among many others.

It being a profitable activity, advertising has found itself carried in different platforms. It pioneered through the print media, where it has originally established its name and has eventually proven itself as a legitimate business game. Later, it also made its way to the broadcast media, which also has greatly changed it by introducing innovative means such as the audio-visual format.

But what ultimately altered the game of advertising is the development of the online media. Giving birth to what are now known as online advertisements, the new media has brought these persuasion tools even closer to potential market. Now, people are more efficiently reached by advertisements through the aid of the online media. Websites have become strategic venues for ads. By this time, ads are able to reach a wider scope of audience with minimal cost. Unlike in print and broadcast, the online media requires minimal placement fees for advertisers while guaranteeing them sure marketability.

In this regard, online advertising now has become the most in thing nowadays. In fact, many individuals now earn at home just by doing sending disseminating ads online. But this involves a serious business. Once employed as conduits of generating online ads, one has to be able to make the most out of his/her time to be able to reach a great number of potential consumers. One way to do this is by using  time tracker.


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