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Article is not the same as photo or video blog, where in internet blogging author is sharing impressions and emotions.  Article is rather objective and is the vehicle of new knowledge: author experience, known issues with something. 

However,Guest Posting taking into consideration article format – typically limited to one or two pages – you should expect some generalizations and emotions in the article.  If you are familiar with Science methodology, then you should not expect the same level of accuracy in article genre.  Now let’s take a look at article future and such advanced or additional features as picture or photo addition and video

1.       Picture files or simply say photo upload.  Internet search engines are now turning around trying to scan pictures and rank them appropriately.  However there are problems in reading the pictures for internet spiders.  In ideal situation, they have to read the whole picture and decide (in google processing center) if this picture is of good quality and really represents the topic of photo news.  We are only in 21st Century, so do not expect too much from the Technology.  Internet spiders can only associate the picture with the surrounding text, where it will try to categorize the picture relevance by text contents

2.       Video News.  The same should be said about video, read paragraph above, plus consider the fact that video rollick contains 30 small pictures in a second if we are talking about NTSC standard (USA and Japan) or 24 pictures per second if PAL (Europe, Brazil).  Video standards are really complicated, especially in international environment, mostly related to television standards differences.  However as HD TV is taking its positions and it is what it should be – movie standards should be unified.  Video article, however should not abuse media portal HD capabilities limitation on hosting side and also internet bandwidth from internet surfer side

3.       Where to submit.  Our recommendation is to try champions of article publishing, and also probe with new rising stars.  Champions are easy to spot – all you need to do is to submit query in google, yahoo or MSN: submit article.  To finds promising future players – this requires advanced technique, such as announcing yourself as articles author, and getting bids or invitations to publish your articles on newly created portals

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