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Desktop background is a first thing user sees when he sits down at his computer. They bring color to a black and white world especially for the office worker who has to stare at his screen all day. 

Desktop wallpapers are the first thing users see when they sit down at the computer for work or play. They bring color to a black and white world especially for the office worker who has to stare at words or crunch numbers all day. There are numerous usages for wallpaper,Guest Posting mostly as decoration.

Space wallpapers provide some of the most interesting designs someone can find for their desktop. The universe is full of different colored stars and planets captured on clear and dark nights with only the stars illuminating the sky. Most people have never even seen the sky without some form of artificial light marring the view, what better way to bring back some of the wonder the ancients felt than with a nice space wallpaper.

The entire idea of space itself is immense and inspiring. All the time people talk about reaching for the stars, with space wallpaper the user needs only reach a few inches in front of them to touch the cosmos. The solar system is a timeless wonder that is both contemporary and classic. Space wallpaper is nothing like the old style Windows screen savers shooting through small dots on the screen. Instead of being stylized, many of the stars and comets depicted are what someone could see with the naked eye without all the light pollution.

Another option for space background for desktop is to find an image taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. With these images the user is getting some of the most high definition shots from a place completely unhindered by the refracted light of the big cities. Other options for space background include views from the Hubble Space Telescope taking beautiful shots of the earth or the moon. There are even some images of the sun from the Hubble Space Telescope which allow the user to look into the sun without burning out their retinas.

Fans of astronomy, astrology, science fiction or fans of life in general will love this type of wallpapers. When a user feels as if someone is a part of the universal progression somehow is an inspiring thought to have. Users can almost feel the cold serenity of space from these photos and they never have to leave their office. Although, the night sky space wallpaper can be pretty inspiring and it may encourage the office workers to go out and take a gander at the sky to see what they could see.

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