Best payment methods for freelancers in Pakistan

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If you want to earn money online in Pakistan, the freelancer is the best platform. There are numerous categories one can choose and work on in a particular field. Most of the projects and content on freelancer is related to IT and technology. There are some problems related to the payment method. This article is about the various payment methods which are actually good.

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Freelancers get various projects and when they start earning some money online,Guest Posting they start facing problems in the withdrawal of payment in Pakistan. The good news is you can withdrawal money anywhere in Pakistan, you can also withdraw your money to the local bank accounts. There are a lot of methods you can use to withdraw your money which include Payoneer, express withdrawal, Skrill, and wire transfer.

Let’s talk about which payment method is best for you in Pakistan. Read all of them and then decide which suits you well.


Payoneer is a quick and easy method to receive payments worldwide. It a new and alternative way. You can get your payment for performing your services as a freelancer. It also allows you to pay people directly. You don’t need to go to a third-party payment service in order to send the payment across the globe.

Its users will get an ATM Debit card that is the Mastercard logo and you can withdraw your payment from any ATM that accepts the Mastercard.

You just have to go to their site to start the process. Fill out the details and attach an ID issued by the government such as Passport, driving license, or a National ID. When your application is approved you will receive a notification that your card will be delivered. This whole process will take only a few business days.

As soon as you receive the card you can activate it and start receiving payments from anywhere in the world.

Skrill payment method

With Skrill, you can quickly, easily, and securely send money anywhere in the world for free. It is really easy to use. First, you just have to create a Skrill account then download the Skrill app on your mobile. Just add the email of the recipient, select the currency, and add the amount you want to send the payment will be in their Skrill account really quickly. Skrill also offers you to send money to any bank account around the world for free. There will be no hidden fees and your money will be transfer safely. You can use a Skrill card anywhere to pay. Skrill also allows you to convert your balance into cryptocurrency.

Wire transfer payment method

Wire transfer payment method is the best option for freelancers in Pakistan. If you want to make a transaction using this method you should have at least $500 because it will take $25 on each transaction. It’s a little expensive way because they charge fees and usually the sender has to pay it. They will charge less if you are sending money within the country but if you’re making transactions somewhere else, it will be more costly than local. It is also non-reversible which means the sender will not be able to take his money back if there is any mistake in the amount or if there is a change of mind.

Freelancer debit card

This is also known as Payoneer debit card and it is a great option for freelancers in Pakistan. Payoneer is offering a lot of options where you can get your money from any ATM using your MasterCard. With the lowest fees charges, you can also send money to your local bank account. It will only charge you $2 for each transaction. Therefore, I will surely recommend you guys to register for your Payoneer MasterCard.

These were the top best payment methods you can select any according to your requirements. There are other methods also like Express Withdrawal payment option and PayPal but they don’t work in Pakistan so that we haven’t mentioned them here. If you want to know about¬†Ptcl speed test then you can browse them using your internet.

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