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Learn to manage your jobs costs and bids with construction estimating software.  You can develop comprehensive and accurate estimates for all of your project bids. 

Manage your jobs costs and bids with construction estimating software. You can develop comprehensive and accurate estimates for all of your project bids.

Construction estimating software can help you gain an edge over your competitors,Guest Posting by allowing you to design profitable, affordable, and detailed bids.

A good quality program will have the following characteristics:

The software program should have the ability to manage your general accounting, payroll functions and billing.

A flexible program is a must because it will allow for quick changes to the entire project whether it be an adjustment of unit costs or room to room dimensions.

The processing of purchase orders is important because it will track all of your incoming orders and inventory.

The ability of archiving your pass projects will be invaluable in a construction estimating software program. This feature will allow you to develop a data base of completed projects to use as a quick reference when creating estimates for future job bids.


Determine exactly what your needs are in estimating a job bid.

Purchase a software that is simple to use by all no matter their level of computer skills.

It should be organized and presented logically.

Choose a software program that is easy to install and to use again no matter what your technical skills are.

The program you choose should provide tutorials, online demonstrations and classes.

The manufacturer should provide an email address, FAQ’s, a phone number for technical support.

Construction estimating software will make bidding for residential or commercial construction projects easier.

These types of software programs help you to prepare detailed profitable bids that will increase your profits, keep track of bids and project costs, archive previous job bids, customize calculations, formulas and compare subcontractor and vendor quotes.

There are several types of estimating software available. You can find estimating software for Painting, Flooring, Roofing, Construction, Repairing, Job Cost, Remodeling and Home Improvement.

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