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Data mining is the process of analyzing,Guest Posting interpreting and reporting useful information from masses of data. There days, there is a lot of data available which is impossible to analyze manually. Traditional data interpretation tools and statistical techniques like correlation and regression analysis are no longer sufficient for sifting through the enormous quantities of data. Data mining is basically a technique that uses these statistical techniques, along with specially designed software to effective data retrieval and analysis.

Data mining is not just a data recovery tool. It is now a reliable decision making tool that is used to make most decisions in the areas of direct marketing, internet e-commerce, customer relationship management, healthcare, the oil and gas industry, scientific tests, genetics, telecommunications, financial services and utilities. Data mining can be personalized as per specific requirements to generate the kind of information that is required for a particular application. Data mining is being used increasingly for understanding and then predicting valuable information like customer buying behavior and buying trends, profiles of customers, study of clinical data, etc. There are several kinds of data mining: text mining, web mining, social networks data mining, relational databases, pictorial data mining, audio data mining and video data mining.

Data mining primarily consists of using statistical tools and mathematical algorithms. There are many tutorials for understanding the basics of data mining as well as its applications in business. These tutorials generally give a basic introduction to data mining. They also teach how to identify the potential data, and use data mining tools and software applications. This also includes problem understanding, data understanding and preparation, modeling, evaluation of results, and deployment of results. Some tutorials also teach the techniques of using data mining for specific applications like market research or customer behavior analysis, and how to use these for business decision-making.

There are many online data mining tutorials. These can be downloaded for free from the internet. There are many sites that provide information about data mining tutorials.

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