Difference Between DFD and ERD

Dec 25


Ridzi Arora

Ridzi Arora

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Entity Relationship Diagram, otherwise called ERD, ER Diagram, or ER model, is a kind of underlying outline for use in information base plan. It is a sort of flowchart that delineates how "substances, for example, individuals, articles, or ideas identify with one another inside a framework. An ERD contains various images and connectors that picture two significant data: The significant elements inside the framework scope, and the between connections among these substances.


DFD (Data Flow Diagram) and ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) models both show information introductions for distinguishing information streams. Associations utilize such models to adequately impart inside various divisions.

Information implies data,Difference Between DFD and ERD Articles stream intends to move and outline implies an image to speak to something. In this way, Data Flow Diagram (DFD) is exclusively the graphical portrayal of the progression of data or data. It's a structure or example of data frameworks. It incorporates information input, information yield, putting away information. DFD portrays the technique for accepting the data as information, putting away the information, giving the data as yield. DGD depicts the path of information that finishes the strategy. There are for the most part two assortments of DFD: Physical Data stream sheet, and Logical Data multidimensional language.

Substance implies any article want to store data and is recognizable, relationship implies association, and graph/model methods an image uses to speak to something. In this way, Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is only the outline or model that is wont to speak to or show the association between the elements or information protests that are put away in a very data set. The most segments of the E-R model are a substance, traits, and relationship. It's truly simple gratitude to speaking to the information base plan.

The vital distinction among DFD and ERD –

  • DFD shows how information enter a framework, is changed in that framework, and how it is put away in it.
  • ERD speaks to the substance model and will show what a framework or an information base will look like yet not disclose how to execute it.
  • DFD shows what "things" or systems change inputted information into some yield, just as WHERE information is put away.
  • ERDs model WHAT sort of information and what connections do various bits of information have with one another. It would characterize the structure of our information base tables.
  • DFDs fundamental goal is to speak to the cycles and information stream between them.
  • ERDs fundamental goal is to speak to the information item or element and the connection between them.
  • DFD clarifies the stream and cycle of information input, information yield, and putting away information.
  • ERD clarifies and speaks to the connection between substances put away in an information base.
  • DFD model is a staggered portrayal that initiates with conceptual data and incorporates various disintegrated levels.
  • ERD model speaks to the framework information and incorporates an intricate portrayal of the connection between the information.
  • DFD isn't sufficient to totally depict a framework; it can't likewise determine calculations in a cycle.
  • ERD doesn't show the association between the model or information and how it changes in a framework.
  • DFD is generally prepared exclusively dependent on specific viewpoints, where every one of them could be connected intuitively.
  • ERD regularly speaks to a gathering of comparative things; it shows how the information units are assembled into substances intelligently.
  • Images utilized in DFD are: square shapes (speak to the information substance), circles (speak to the cycle), bolts (speak to the progression of information), ovals, or equal lines (speak to information putting away).
  • Images utilized in ERD are: square shapes (speak to the substance), precious stone boxes (speak to relationship), lines, and standard documentations (speak to cardinality).
  • The standard followed by DFD is that in any event one information stream should be there going into and leaving the cycle or store.
  • The standard followed by ERD is that all substances should speak to the arrangement of comparable things.

DFD's and ERD's are should be made and kept up utilizing business cycles and information displaying apparatuses, for example programming that bolsters the strategies for deterioration and blueprint further on account of the strategy related standards of consistency and honesty. Excellent demonstrating apparatuses will encourage the trading of work things among DFD's and ERD's, for example to authorize naming norms.