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This article explains the complex concept computer registry in simple words. It also tell people what will happen if there is anything wrong with the registry. Moreover, some good advice has been offered.

Many computer users are not familiar with computer registry which is the most important part of a computer. The computer registry records all the actions that you do with the computer. For example,Guest Posting the registry changes with the installation or uninstallation of a program on or from your computer; it changes when you save or delete some files. It changes according to its own default. If there is any problem with the registry, the serious problem will occur on your computer. The worst result is that the computer can’t turn on again and all the information is lost for ever.

Not any modification to the registry is good for your computer. The registry is critical for the operation of a computer. Most of the information in the registry is ensuring the stability for a computer. Changing or removing these registry keys will result in a crashed computer. Another important thing needs to be referred to is that any change of the registry will take effect immediately which doesn’t work in the same manner as Microsoft word. You have to save the file when you make some changes in word and then the changes will take effect. But the registry will influence your computer immediately after the change.

There is no way to cancel the change in the registry once you make changes to it. If a computer crashes because of the registry modification, the only way is to reinstall the computer operating system and all the original data will be irreversible. However, there is a simple measure to protect it. A backup can be done for the registry information in avoid of the computer crash. Due to its importance, Windows back up for it automatically when it starts and at the same time some registry problems can be repaired.

When there is anything wrong with the registry, there are still some ways to fix them, such as you can log on your computer in safe mode to fix the registry problem if the computer can turn on again. The most secure and simplest way is to find an excellent Registry Cleaner to fix these problems. A good registry cleaner can fix registry problems only in several simple steps. Commonly, you only need to open it, click the scan button and click the repair button to fix all the found problems. For some advanced registry cleaners, there should be a function to back up the registry before doing any change for the registry. If you have any question about registry, you can visit .

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