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Several years ago, when Microsoft Business Solutions announced so-called Project Green, where all four Corporate ERP platforms, owned by MBS were supposed to be reprogrammed in C# or another .Net compliant scripting language and be ready for being repackaged as sweets, compatible in each other to form final ERP and MRP assembly, we got some doubts about such customization tools as Great Plains Dexterity, Modifier with VBA, Integration Manager.

However,Guest Posting those old days are now over and Dynamics GP changed several versions (from 7.5 to current version 2010) and even couple of years ago we heard semi-official opinions from MBS that everything will be rewritten in eConnect and such not .Net compliant technologies as VBA event driven scripting will be phased out - but current situation reaffirmed old status quo.  We are just back from Convergence 2010 in Atlanta.  Microsoft Dexterity is back according to David Musgrave, and VBA and Modifier are back according to the same person in Microsoft Business Solutions.  Of course this is our unofficial opinion, based on the what we have heard on Convergence 2010:
1. Dynamics GP Visual Studio Development Library.  Here you can do wonderful development, assuming that somebody from Great Plains Dexterity team will help you in creating Dexterity tables (automatically included into GP security realm).  Technically this tool is similar in its capacity to VBA scripting to Modifier, however it might be more friendly to Microsoft Visual Studio Developer in C# or VB.Net.  According to David Musgrave, Microsoft Dexterity guru, it is better to consider multiple tools in Dynamics GP Modification.  If your programmers are comfortable with Dexterity -fine, however if you are Microsoft Visual Studio shop - review the VS customization options
2. Great Plains Dexterity.  Here we have to reassure you as Great Plains programmer that Dex is there and it is the customization tool to stay and endure.  Great Plains Dexterity Software Development factory is available through recognized Dynamics GP ISV Partners.  From the technology perspective Dynamics GP Dexterity is programmed in proprietary scripting language Sanscript.  Being insider to Dynamics GP customization - Dexterity ad-on is typically distributed via Dex chunk file, which is being copied into you Dynamics GP Programming folder will automatically integrate itself into Great Plains User Workstation
3. The level to being official or affiliated with Microsoft.  Alba Spectrum is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.  We have or should be exposed to current or internal circle Dynamics GP proprietary white papers 
4. I am Andrew Karasev, who is Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP (Most Valuable Professional from 2005 through 2010 as we are writing these lines in May of 2010), I personally got a feeling that we as Dynamics GP Programming experts have at least as much as ten year to stick to Great Plains Dexterity programming commitment.  And I am supporting Great Plains Dynamics since 1994
5. How to get further help.  Please call us 1-866-528-0577,  In case if you are located internationally our consultants speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Filipino

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