Hard Drive Repair

Feb 17




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Can you prevent your hard drive from getting corrupt or damaged? Yes with good prevention techniques you can secure your hard drive and save your important data from becoming inaccessible.


The hard disk drive installed on your computer system is the place where all your important data and files are stored and without this your computer system cannot work. There would be no internet,Hard Drive Repair Articles games, emails, chatting, surfing and not even an operating system.

A hard drive is so vital and it’s important to take proper care of it and save from getting corrupt – thus saving your data.

Problems in hard drive can cause major data loss and inaccessibility of data. Just imagine, you cannot show photographs, videos of a family function to your dear ones just because your hard disk crashed. Will you not regret the situation of watching and enjoying pictures and videos with your family?

Hard drive crashes can take place due to several reasons; it can be a hardware problem, virus attacks, media errors, spy ware attacks and many other unknown reasons.

Is it possible to identify the problem of your hard drive crash?

Let’s say that your hard drive crashed, but you do not know the reason, why this disaster occurred. You can discover this with the help of flashing light on front of your CPU. This light keeps blinking when the computer system is busy.

If you see the light flashing but your computer system is not able to boot up then it’s a problem related to some software i.e. its an operating system malfunction or a virus contamination. This can be effectively repaired and fixed by formatting the computer system thus saving your important data and files.

But the worst still resides, if the flashing light does not function while booting. It means that your hard drive is not able to run and is not performing any activity – A Mechanical problem.

It may sound good to purchase a new hard drive in this scenario but doesn’t the corrupt hard drive store your important data? At this point, you should always take services of hard drive recovery specialists, a professional data recovery service provider who can actually recover your lost data without causing any harm to it.

There are times when your hard drive gives indications of some mishappenings about to happen; like, creepy noises from the hard drive, automatic shutdowns, hanged up OS, slow running of the PC. These indications give you a chance to become alert, careful, and start backing up your data as soon as you notice these happenings.

Here I would like to discuss some causes and solutions to the hard drive recovery.

Why hard drives get corrupt?

The major activity which happens when hard drives crash, is the loss of data. Data Loss is termed as loss of data stored on your hard drive. This data, when damaged is recoverable or unrecoverable depending upon the reason and extent of hard drive corruption.

The general reasons for data loss are poor usage of media, virus attacks and manufacturing defaults.

Improper or Poor usage of the hard drive:

A non-technical person might not be aware of the proper and secure means of using and maintaining of the hard disk. Vibrations or collision, inadequate cleaning, split liquids can damage the hard drive and lead to data loss situations.

Virus Attacks:

Viruses can enter your computer system from nowhere. Whether you download a song, open an email attachment or access any free software provider web site; viruses, spy ware or ad ware can easily make space for themselves and start corrupting your hard drive.

Manufacturing Defaults:


After rigorous testings, 4 or 5 hard drives can be found amongst hundreds which give problems after certain time period of their usage. Defects in your computer system can make the case more worsened but it’s quite possible to recover the maximum or complete data from them.

Measures to Avoid Hard Drive Corruptions

The above points are the major reasons of data loss because of hard drive corruptions. The best and effective measure to avoid such kind of situations is to regularly backup your data or when you notice some strange happenings with your disk drive, start backing up data.

1. Perform regular Backups: The best way to prevent data loss is to backup data on regular basis to an external media like a CD or DVD. This would help you when you face the situation of data loss and can save your pocket from investing on data recovery procedures.

The backed up data can prove useful in case if you need to contact a data recovery company. The data recovery company can effectively help you in data recovery, as you already have backup of your data which will help the data recovery professional to retrieve your data back.

2. Keep your Media Clean: Your hard drive should be important to you as it stores your valuable data. As you keep your important things clean, hard drives should also be cleaned from time to time to keep it safe from dust particles as they damage your hard drive slowly just like slow poison.

“Always remember that it’s the hard drive which makes your OS and PC LIVE.”

3. Anti-virus Solution: Regularly scan your PC with good anti-virus software to keep viruses, ad ware, and spy ware at bay. Good firewall and anti virus utilities help to keep your hard drive safe and secure from unwanted attacks.

4. Defragmentation – another good option: Try to defragment your hard drive once a month. By defragmentation it means to organize your data and reduce fragmentation of a file on a storage device by moving separated parts into a contiguous location.

5. Other Minor Preventive Measures: Some minor precautionary steps also prove helpful to rescue hard drive corruptions. You can implement SPAM guard on your incoming and outgoing emails and delete your temporary internet files on a regular basis.

Update your computer system by regularly by downloading the latest updates for your operating system.

These were some preventive measures with which you can save your data from becoming inaccessible.

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