How is Refilled Cartridge Compared With OEM Cartridge?

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Read our short review of HP study on refilled inkjet cartridges vs Original HP cartridges.

HP conducted a study on ink cartridge refill last year,Guest Posting comparing the performance of refilled cartridges with that of OEM cartridges. Not surprisingly, the results showed that original HP cartridges outperformed the refilled cartridges used in the tests. We will look at the results to see how big the difference is and whether the study itself helps consumers to decide what to buy in their next purchase.Original HP cartridges are manufactured by HP licensed partners while refilled ink cartridges are either branded refilled cartridges or cartridges from refill service providers. HP claimed that the original HP inkjet cartridges produced 46.6% more pages than the branded refilled cartridges and 85% more pages than cartridges refilled by refill service providers. Original HP cartridges were also more reliable. None of them failed in the tests while 27.1% of branded refilled cartridges and 41.1% of cartridges from refill service providers were dead on arrival (DOA) or had early end of life.DOA does not mean that the cartridges cannot print. HP considers cartridges with substantial visible ink spilled in the bag or on cartridges as DOA. Early end of life means that the cartridges produce less than 75% of the mean page yield of original HP cartridges for the same model. HP also included defective cartridges (DOA or early end of life) in their calculation of page yield (a protocol different from ISO standard). Therefore, if some refilled cartridges were dead on arrival, they produced zero page, the average page yield of all refilled cartridges would be reduced.Usually, cartridges sent for refill are not emptied completely, this can avoid drying out of the print head and the ink chamber. Since the cartridges are not empty, it is possible that some refilled cartridges are not filled up to full capacity in order to avoid overfilling and ink spillage. This may lead to lower ink volume and reduced page yield.Although HP study proved that original HP cartridges are more reliable and print more pages than refilled cartridges, it is unlikely to stop consumers from using cheap refilled cartridges. The protocol of the study was designed to exaggerate the differences between refilled cartridges and OEM cartridges. In addition, those who use refilled cartridges are usually environmentally concerned as they believe refilling a cartridge is good for the environment. Some of them have a limited budget and they may not have high demand of the replacement cartridges. Refilled cartridges also take up a small percentage in the market of discount ink cartridges. The real competitors of OEM cartridges are the compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges. It will be more interesting if the printer manufacturers can conduct research to compare the page yield and cartridge reliability of these discount cartridges with those of OEM cartridges.

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