How To Backup Gmail Emails

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While more people are now aware of the wisdom of using online backup to protect them from data loss, emails are often taken for granted because people assume these will be available anytime. Not so. Prepare yourself for the rare yet possible system breakdowns and learn how to backup Gmail. 

Learning how to backup Gmail emails is your first step towards email security. While most people remember to back up their data files,Guest Posting they tend to forget about backing up their email accounts. This is a no-no. Technology is not without error. While Gmail is normally reliable, accidents do happen. If something goes wrong with your email account, you need to be prepared.  You could find yourself locked out of your account for no known reason. A hacker could hack his way into your account and begin deleting important emails and contacts. What if Gmail experiences an outage? How will you access your needed information? Some people have actually had their email accounts deleted without warning. You should always know how to backup Gmail emails so you can be prepared for the worst. Even if the worst-case scenario never happens to you, backing up your emails will give you the peace of mind you deserve. The first thing you have to do is download and install a POP3 email program. These programs include Outlook and Thunderbird. Choose the POP3 program that you want and install it on your system. Once you have the program installed, you are ready to start backing up your Gmail account. The next thing you need to do is configure your POP3 program with your Gmail. Gmail's help pages have specific instructions on the configuration process for several POP3 providers. Follow the instructions for configuring your program with your Google mail account and you are ready to back up your email data. The backup process is simple. Open up your email program on your system and check for new mail. The program will begin to download all of your emails from Gmail. Keep in mind that the first time you perform this action, depending on how many emails you have, you could be in for a long wait. 
However, you can always work on other things while your emails are downloaded. Each of your emails in your Gmail account will be downloaded to your computer, giving you a hard copy of all of the data you need from your email account. If you wish, you can save the emails to an external source or even an online backup service for added protection. Once all of your emails are downloaded, all you have to do is maintain this process. You do not have to open your POP3 email program every day. You can check for new mail once a week or however many times you want to backup your Gmail. The important thing is that you are backing up your email information, providing yourself a certain level of protection from the things that could go wrong. You can even force another download of all of your emails if you ever have the need. Just follow Google's instructions in their help files for forcing a complete email download, even if you have already downloaded before. 
By knowing how to back up Gmail emails, you will not have to worry about losing your email data. 

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