SugarSync vs Dropbox: Choosing the Online Backup Service for You

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Of the many online storage services, Sugarsync and Dropbox are probably the most well matched as they have many similar features. For instance, both services are known for their syncing features. Which is the overall better solution though? Find out in this SugarSync vs Dropbox comparison.

The debate of SugarSync vs Dropbox is a debate between two formidable competitors. Both of these services have similar features. However,Guest Posting a few key differences will help you in your selection of an online backup service. Learning the similarities and the differences can make your decision easier. Instead of having to do the research on your own, this overview of both online backup services offers essential information at a glance. In a world where time is money, the faster you choose a backup provider, the faster you can get back to work. 
Looking at the features of both providers, you can see that they offer many of the same features. Both are compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Both offer mobile and remote access, automatic and scheduled backups, private and public file sharing, sub-accounts, archiving, file searching, and file archiving. So far, they appear quite similar. However, Dropbox is compatible with Linux and saves file versions for thirty days. SugarSync saves the five most recent file versions. The biggest difference is in file syncing. While both offer this valuable service, useful for online collaborations when used in conjunction with file sharing, SugarSync makes it possible to sync any folders you wish – with the other service, you must drag and drop files to backup into a specified location. However, since they both offer the file syncing, this is really a personal preference, not necessarily a deal-breaker. In terms of customer support, both offer email support. SugarSync provides live chat and, for an additional cost, phone support. If you value a high level of customer service, neither of these services will win any prizes, but they do have some form of customer support, so you will not be left without answers to your questions and concerns. Storage and Pricing
In the SugarSync vs Dropbox debate, price is always a factor. Both companies offer subscription plans at various rates. SugarSync maxes their storage space out at 250GB – Dropbox tops out at 100GB. So, if your storage needs are large, you may need the company that provides more bang for your buck. On the other hand, if you just need to back up a few key files, the smaller cap may be more than sufficient. It really comes down to your storage needs and your storage budget. Target User
To make the best choice for an online backup provider, you need to know the target user of each service. Then, you can decide which user profile you fall under and choose the corresponding service – provided, of course, that the service meets your storage needs. Both of these companies offer sufficient backup storage for the average home user. This means that if your needs are not too large, either one of these providers should get the job done. SugarSync is probably sufficient for a small business owner, but again, if the capacity your business requires is large, you may want to keep shopping. Choose the one that works with your budget while still backing up the files you need backed up. In the SugarSync vs Dropbox debate, the only winner is the one that best fits your personal needs. 

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