How to convert mts file to MOV/DV/MPEG-4/H.264 for Final Cut Pro

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Doremisoft video converter for mac give a way to convert avchd to final cut pro for editing.

Final Cut Pro is a video editing software that developed by Macromedia Inc. and later Apple Inc. Final Cut Pro supports a number of simultaneously composited video tracks (limited mainly by video format and hardware capability); up to 99 audio tracks; multi-camera editing for combining video from multiple camera sources; as well as standard ripple,Guest Posting roll, slip, slide, scrub, razor blade and time remapping edit functions. It comes with a range of video transitions and a range of video and audio filters such as keying tools, mattes and vocal de-poppers and de-essers. It also has a manual 3-way color correction filter, videoscopes and a selection of generators, such as slugs, test cards and noise.

Is it a cool software? Final Cut Pro also offers you the ability to layer videos. This means that you can play several video frames on top of each other for cool blending or fading effects. In fact, there is almost no limit to the number of videos that you can show on the screen at the same time. You can stack them on top of each other or create cool picture-in-picture effects within your video.

When you use final cut pro you will find some problem, like:

"I have .mts files that won't open in Final Cut Pro. I've converted them to F4V and FLV and .mov and they still won't open.
Does anyone know what I can convert them to in order to use them in FCP?"

Final Cut Pro support MOV, DV, MPEG-4, H.264, 3GP videos, so to edit other format you should convert video first, for example, to import avchd to final cut pro, you should convert mts to final cut pro supported file foramt first.

Doremisoft Video Converter for mac is the software that designed to convert all video into final cut pro, imovie for editing, with it you also can convert video to ipad, iphone, kindle fire, quicktime for playing, with the video converter import avi to final cut pro will be an easy thing.

You can learn how to convert mts to final cut pro(x) for editing:

1. Import MTS files to converter.

After you get the video converter, install and launch it. Then simply click "Add File" button to import your .mts files.

2. Set output format for final cut pro. To import MTS to Final Cut Pro X, Click "Profile" menu to select "MPEG-4, MOV, MPEG-1, DV, or 3GP" as output video format.

3. Click "Start" button to begin the MTS to Final Cut Pro and this converter will do the rest for you. After it is done, you can import these output videos converted from MTS to Final Cut Pro without any problem.

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