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Recover password for Windows XP with its built-in administrator or Windows Password Recovery Basic tool! Windows XP password recovery will be easy for you!

Have you ever wished to recover Windows XP password after you forgot or lost it?
If you are using Windows operating systems,Guest Posting you may find a common problem: forgetting Windows password. No matter you are using Windows XP, Vista, or Win 7, once you forgot your Windows password, you will be locked out of your computer.

So after you forgot your Windows XP password or password for other Windows operating versions, have you wished to recover it? Or do you believe that it can still be recovered or reset so that you can regain access to your computer?

It’s not that complicated to recover lost Windows XP password.
Actually to recover password Windows XP is not that complicated. Instead, if you choose the right way or the right tool, you can recover it easily and quickly. In this article, I am going to share 2 ways to recover Windows XP administrator password and of course these ways will be also suitable for other Windows versions of password recovery.

How to recover Windows XP password efficiently?
If you leaved the Windows built-in administrator filed blank when you were installing Windows on your computer, you then can try this little trick to recover Windows XP password.

Way 1: Try Windows built-in Administrator account.

  1. Simply turn on your PC and wait some seconds until you see Windows user login screen.
  2. Hit “ALT”, “CTRL”, “DEL” keys on your keyboard at the same time twice.
  3. Now you can see another old classic style login window. Then just type Administrator in username field and leave password filed blank. After that hit “Enter” key.
  4. Now you can get into your Windows XP system, and then you can change or remove your forgotten Windows XP password from “Control Panel”.

But if you failed to recover lost Windows XP password in this way, is there any other way to fix the problem? For sure there is. This is why some professional Windows password recovery tools were developed for.

Way 2: Recover lost Windows XP password with Windows Password Reset Std.
I wish I have a lot to say about such an amazing tool, but I cannot. You can just perform 3 steps to finish the Windows XP password recovery process, and each step only requires you 1 or 2 clicks.
Step1: Download and install. Download, install and run Windows Password Recovery Basic to an accessible computer. (Not the locked computer)
Step2: Burn a password reset disk. Insert a blank and writable CD/DVD to the computer and clicking “Burn CD/DVD” to start burning a Windows XP password reset disk. Once the burning finishes, take out the CD/DVD.
Step3: Recover Windows XP password with the password reset disk. Insert the burned CD/DVD to the target PC and set this PC boot from CD/DVD. After that, start to recover lost Windows XP password with the burned password reset disk in 2 clicks.


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