Lost Windows 7 Password—How to Reset?

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Lost Windows 7 password? Here introduces 2 simple ways to change or reset the lost Windows 7 password right away!

“Hi guys,Guest Posting I have a friend’s Window 7 system which has unfortunately run into the hands of their 10-year-old son who thought it would be cool to set a password so that his sister cannot use this computer. Now he has forgotten the password. I am sure his account is the administrator account since the computer is already locked out. Can anyone reset the lost Windows 7 password for him please? Any help appreciated. Thank you!”

It’s really annoying when we find our computer locked out for its password being forgotten or lost. However, if you are a cautious person, I think there is a way to log onto your computer again without a need to pay for too much effort. Yes, that is the way using an early created password reset disk to get back the lost Windows 7 password. Many people who are cautious have created such a disk when are setting a password for their computer. If you are one of them, then just take out your early created disk and start to reset lost Windows 7 password according to the following steps:

Step 1: Start your computer and log Windows 7. When typing an incorrect password, you will be reminded. Then insert your password reset disk in the PC and click Reset password. Step 2: When the Password Reset Wizard appears, click Next to continue. Step 3: Select your target disk and click Next. Step 4: Input a new password two times and type the password hint (Optional), click Next. Step 5: Click Finish, and you can log on with the new password.

It would be a pity if you did not realize the importance of creating a password reset disk in advance until you lost your computer password. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to fix the problem without such a disk. Instead, choosing a certain password recovery software application can achieve the same effect.

Using password recovery software application to reset the lost Windows 7 password Compared with an early created password reset disk, using a password recovery software application like “Recover Windows 7 Password” doesn’t require you to prepare something in advance, one can use it for lost Windows 7 password recovery at anytime and anywhere. Below are the easy steps which you can follow to reset Windows 7 password with the professional tool “Recover Windows 7 Password”: Time: 5 minutes more or less Requirement: an accessible computer & a blank CD & a burning software program Step1: Download Recover Windows 7 Password on an accessible computer. Step2: Visit this site: http://www.recover-windows-password.net/downloads/burncdcc.exe to download a burning software application called BurnCDCC. (Note: If you already have some burning applications such as Nero, Sonic, Roxio etc. on your computer, then no need do other download thing.) Step3: Burn a bootable CD with the burning software. (It actually means burning the ISO image file of Recover Windows 7 Password to a blank CD with the burning software.) Step4: Now insert the burned CD to the target/locked Windows 7 computer and set this PC boot from CD-ROM. Step5: Easily reset the lost Windows 7 password by following the wizard on the interface step by step.

When you finish all the above steps, please restart your computer, and when the PC boots up, you won’t need to input any password to enter into your PC.

Source: http://www.recover-windows-password.net/lost-windows-7-password.htm

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