How to Scanning and Attaching Documents in Yahoo Email

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In Windows, the Windows Fax and Scan Utility tab helps to scan the documents and pictures. First of all, you need a scanner which must be attached to your computer. Then you have to execute the following steps:

“Last April,Guest Posting my daughter went to Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania to take admission and all of a sudden I got a call from her. She informed me that she forgot to carry her residential proof (all thanks to her forgetful nature). As we reside in Texas and it was an urgent; I almost had nervous breakdown thinking about the solution. Then my sister suggested me to scan and send the document to her mail so that she was able to submit it. That day, I understood the value of the modern technology; truly!”

  • Sophia Anderson, Texas

Just like Sophia, anyone may have the urgency to send some documents over email. This is a time savor process in which you don’t need to worry about misplacing. Yahoo mail gives you the opportunity to scan, attach and send documents quickly and safely. You can attach documents up to 20 MB in size. But before attaching, you need to scan a hardcopy to transform it to softcopy.

How to Scan Documents in Yahoo Email?

In Windows, the Windows Fax and Scan Utility tab helps to scan the documents and pictures. First of all, you need a scanner which must be attached to your computer. Then you have to execute the following steps:

  1. Go to Start>All programs>Windows fax and Scan
  2. You need to tab on the Scan button in the navigation pane which will open a new dialogue box.
  3. You have to describe the quality and type of the scan in the dialogue box.
  4. Now you have to load the document on the scanner.
  5. Click on the preview button to see how the document will look like.
  6. If the preview seems satisfactory, then click on the Scan button.
  7. Window will start to scan the document.
  8. After completion of the scanning, tap on the Save As button and save the file with proper file name.

To scan from Macbook in OS X, make sure that the multi-function scanner is connected with it.

  1. First of all, go to Apple>System Preferences>View>Print &Scan
  2. Now click on the + button and add the printer you want to add.
  3. Place the document on the scanner bed.
  4. Now click on the Launchpad to open Image Capture
  5. Choose the folder to save the scanned copy by pressing Scan To
  6. Now click Scan to scan the copy in JPEG version

How to Attach Documents in Yahoo Email?

After successful scanning of any document, you need to attach it with the Yahoo Email. You can attach PDF, pictures, Excel files, Spreadsheet, Word files, music files and video to the Yahoo Mail. As the scanned copies are in JPEG version, you need to follow the basic method to attach it.

  1. First of all, log in to your Yahoo mail account.
  2. Now you have to start a new Email on which you want to attach the file.
  3. Click on the Attach File tab with a paperclip sign located in the message toolbar.
  4. Find and select all the files you want to attach from the selector’s dialogue box. You can select multiple files from a same folder or use the Attach File tab repeatedly to attach file from different folders.
  5. Click on the Choose button to upload the file and attach it with the mail.

In this way you can easily scan and attach documents in Yahoo Email.

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