Top 10 Tips & Tactics to Use Yahoo Mail with Ease

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If you’re using Yahoo mail as a primary email service to communicate with others, share your personal or official information, you should have a look at the tips as described in this article. These tricks will help you use Yahoo email without being compromised or losing your information. You can get the best mailing experience and use Yahoo mail efficiently.    


Yahoo Mail is the popular email service used by more than 100 million users every day across the world. It can be utilized for both individual and office purposes to share information via emails. So,Guest Posting to use the Yahoo Mail efficiently, it is time to take a look at its email functions and see what tips and tricks you should use under the surface. These 10 easy tips help you use Yahoo Mail for easier mailing.

Note: - For additional support, contact Yahoo professionals to seek guidance to use Yahoo mail efficiently and more.

Tip 1 – Use the Boss Mode 

On the browser screen, in the Yahoo email’s lower left side places a small icon that seems like a mountain in the box. Point the mouse cursor over it to go to the boss mode. It helps you to hide the information instantly you’re reading from prying eyes, and access the best and quickest way to change the Yahoo Mail theme, providing it a new look entirely.

Tip 2 - Stop Saving Contacts

You don’t require using an address book with Yahoo Mail. As soon as you type a name, it will open an auto-suggestion that Yahoo mail stores in, with the email address, relied on the history, habits, saved emails, and the address book if you have used one.

Tip 3 – Use Magazine Style on Tablets

At the end of an email on the landscape-oriented tablet, you will find a double arrow icon that typically specifies a full-screen mode. In the Yahoo mail app, it helps you use the Magazine Style for reading emails, so you can switch left or right to check new or older emails.

Tip 4 - Quick Actions for Mobile

The Yahoo mail app has a set of tools to perform various operations quickly. Just swipe an email to access a set of icons that allow you to mark an email as unread, set to the necessary, move it to the folder, delete it, or send it to the spam folder.

Tip 5 – Forward All Yahoo Emails

Yahoo Mail supports the IMAP and POP access to the desktop email programs like Outlook. However, if you just want to forward all your incoming emails to another account, then go to the Settings icon and click the Accounts tab, followed by the ‘Edit’ button. Click to select the radio button on the Forward field, and input the email where you want the messages to stop. You can also access the options, including Save and Forward, Forward Only, and Mark as Read. Thus, you don’t have to re-access those emails when you go to the Yahoo mail.

Tip 6 - Add an Extra Email Address

If you want to use an additional email address at Yahoo server, it is relatively straightforward.  Just click the ‘Settings’ icon, and then the ‘Accounts’ tab, followed by the ‘Manage extra email address’ link. You can also use the name to log into the account and turn it into the default when you deliver emails. Though, you can change the name a few times a year.

Tip 7 - Quick Search by Sender

While you get a list of emails, a magnifying glass icon will appear when you pass the mouse pointer over the messages. Click on it, and you will be able to get an instant view of all emails delivered by the same sender.

Tip 8 – SMS via Yahoo

Yahoo Messenger, an instant-messaging service, is in-built with Yahoo Mail.  You just need to go to the smiley face tab at the top on the screen. After that, type the phone number and send an SMS. It will deliver as an SMS text to the recipient.  The recipient will get two individual messages. One will notify that a Yahoo mail user has sent you an SMS and you need to respond that message.

Tip 9 - Create Notes in Yahoo Mail

This option is only available on the Yahoo email web version, not in applications. However, you can click the little notebook icon to access a low-rent edition of Evernote or OneNote, where you can make notebooks to store all the notes you want.

Tip 10 – Secure Emails with 2FA

It is a two-factor authentication, which means you need to enter more than one password to access a service; usually, you get a code on your phone. Yahoo mail calls its two-factor authentication. It can stop you from being hacked and compromised from the unauthorized access. To enable 2FA for Yahoo mail, you can check the articles and forums available on Yahoo’s official site.

It will protect not only your emails, but also your Yahoo mail services. If you’re using Yahoo mail mobile version, you can use the ‘app passwords’ to secure your account. Aside from these tips and tactics, Yahoo mail comes with various additional features. If you still have any concerns or experienced any problems with yahoo mail, it’s highly suggested to dial helpline number to call Yahoo support professionals for immediate solutions.

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