How to Use Boot USB Drive When Forgot Windows 7 Password

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Cannot remember what the password is to get access to your computer,Guest Posting you need to reset the password with a previously created password reset disk. Sometimes you might forget to create this disk in advance, but you can turn to a boot USB drive, from which a computer can load and run (boot) an operating system or utility program to get rid of the lost password. Here will show you some easy ways to get such a boot USB drive.

1. Use Windows Password Unlocker Windows Password Unlocker is currently the most popular utility that’s perfect for resetting forgotten Windows password. It allows you to burn a boot USB drive or CD/DVD in seconds to reset forgotten local administrator, domain administrator and other user password on all popular Windows platforms, including Windows 8 and 7.

Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker in any other computer. Step 2. Insert a USB drive or CD/DVD in the computer, launch the program and click the Burn button. A boot USB drive for Windows 7 password recovery will be ready a few seconds later.

Once the boot USB disk is created, just boot the locked PC from the device and it will launch Windows Password Unlocker in WindowsPE. At that time, all you need is to select the target user account and click Reset button to reset its password. The whole process is easy for anyone. Just a few clicks required.

2. Use Ophcrack Ophcrack is another great way to create a boot USB disk to get back in a locked computer. With this program, you can burn a boot disk to recover your forgotten password instead of deleting it. And this program comes with three versions. You can visit the official website and click the Download ophcrack LiveCD button to download this program in another computer that you have access to. Once downloaded, you can simply burn it to a disc (like a CD, DVD,USB, etc.) using a free CD burner.

After burning, insert it in the disk in the locked computer and start the computer from the disk. Linux will load, Ophcrack will start, and the password recovery will begin automatically. The process is automatic, no lunix knowledge needed.

3. Use Ubuntu Live CD In addition to the desktop software, you can also make an Ubuntu Live CD to solve your forgotten password in Windows. This method works for the entire NT-based version of Windows - anything from Windows 2000 and later, including Windows 7. To get started, you need to download Ubuntu and then burn it to a USB drive. Next boot the target computer from the disc and reset the password.

4. Buy a boot disk from Amazon If you don't want to make a boot Windows 7 password reset disk on your own, you can buy one directly from amazon. There comes with many burned boot USB disk for password reset for your choice, but you have to wait for some days. If you are urgent to deal with this matter, it’s better to buy a software one.

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