HP LTO 5 (C7975A) Tape, The Ideal Backup Technology for Data Compnies

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Whenever businesses with enormous data storage requirements look for a high performance and reliable data storage backup system,Guest Posting they all prefer HP which is one of the leading storage tape drive manufacturers. They had invented a varied range of storage tapes including the most successful linear open tapes (LTO). HP has introduced its new LTO-5 Ultrium drives, libraries and media cartridges. This new HP LTO-5 tape is designed with enhanced features such as the partitioning. Previous generation tapes like LTO-3 and LTO-4 version had only WORM (Write Once, Read Many) model but this tape also features partitioning functionality.

The HP LTO-5 tape provides its clients with a number of advantages including the most obvious and important benefit of offering its clients a secure and reliable data storage backup system. This tape provides businesses a large storage capacity so that businesses can store their vulnerable data in one tape. The data storage capacity offered by per cartridge is 3TB (Terabytes). Also, this drive offers a fast data transfer speed of 140MB/s. Therefore, a business which has large amounts of data in the form of financial records, official files and clients’ orders, usually prefer HP tapes over the tapes of competitors.

HP is recognized for the simplicity of its technology and hence it helps businesses in saving time and cost. Ultrium 5 solution lower business data administration cost as these drives are highly automated and require very less labor to operate it. Moreover, it helps in improving overall performance of the business by preventing data loss, theft and computer shutdowns. Also, this efficient data management system helps businesses by protecting them from the threat of data loss, government penalties and corrupted files.

HP offers its clients with a perfect data storage backup system which is reliable and effective. One of the distinct features of this tape is the gratuitous software which can be downloaded for preventing mistakes and human errors which can take place while storing data. Another feature which makes LTO-5 tape the best storage backup system is the encryption hardware. This feature helps in encoding data so that the data can be prevented from getting lost or getting accessed by unauthorized sources.

HP LTO-5 tape is also one of the most durable data storage backup systems. It is provided with a 30years long warranty by HP. It is preferred by businesses as with the superior performance, this tape drive also helps businesses in saving space for other purposes. Previously, businesses had to store their vulnerable data in different tapes and they needed more space to store these tapes. But, with the invention of this high capacity data storage tape, businesses need lesser space for storing data.

HP provides its clients with the most reliable data management system which preserves data for a longer time period and can help in improving the overall performance of the business. This tape is particularly very useful for medium to large scale businesses. It is one such investment which businesses will never regret as this tape provides the best storage backup system.

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