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Theory of Backlinks in Search Engine Optimization

 Building backlinks is one of the most important factors in making a website/blog Search Engine Optimized. Backlinks tell search engines how popular your website is. A website placing your link in his website simply casts a vote in favour of your website/blog. When you launch a website,Guest Posting you want to be found as soon as possible by visitors. The first step is to be listed in web directories. Another way to get backlinks is to exchange links with other websites (Reciprocal Links). More the backlinks of your webpage/blog more your website/blog being popular among search Engines. There are many web directories on internet which can help building backlinks like - It provides hassle-free form which will take hardly 20 - 30 seconds for fetching a backlink (NO CAPTCHA Verification required).

The most obvious reason for penetrating your link on a directory is that. The directory administrators are usually struggling hard to increase there page rank which ultimately is helpful for all the links placed on there site.

You can easily find a list of free and paid directories for linking back your site at

Backlinks are considered to be the best way of increasing website traffic and most importantly increasing the page rank (search engine value) of a website/blog. Placing a backlink is essentially important in cases where you want your site to be promoted. Basically there are two ways of getting backlinks. One is free linking and the other is paid linking. Free linking may seem to be a great option at first glance, but is indeed not so good. The links may have “nofollow” attribute, which help is no way helpful in link building. The link may look normal, but behind the scenes it may not be useful. Other problem with free linking is that the link may not last for a long time. The authors (Webmasters) remove links on a periodic basis. It is always better to opt for paid links. Paid links may be as cheap as $0.99 (, which includes a lifetime linking with “dofollow” attribute. A link for 99 cents is not a bad deal in any case. Even there are ways where you can put your banner on websites which are helpful in link building. Placing banners is a little costly than link, partially because links consume less space and they look tidy. You can place your link for 3 months on a website for just 0.99$. Above all the link is visible in all the pages of the website including the home page. One of the sites involved in providing cheap but effective banner links is . This is a web directory which guarantees featured link submission in 24 hours and submits links to top of the category.

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