Important guidelines for optimising computers within an office.

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So you've been using the same computer for a few years now and have started to see a noticeable amount of slowdown, as well as experiencing problems loading numerous programs at once.

Consequently,Guest Posting even basic requirements such as attempting to open two programs to run simultaneously can create a significant slowdown, as well as forcing the computer to overheat to compensate for the lack of speed, which can cause a serious hardware fault.These situations can be fully avoided with these straightforward tips that require very little technological knowledge. These top factors for ensuring that your office computer is working at its best:1. External storage - It doesn't matter what work the office does, it is vital to protect and backup documents in case of a serious fault. With an external hard drive, this is easily achievable as they are cheap and offer ample amounts of space. This hardware is the perfect way to store a number of documents for use on a number of other computers.2. Use a second router. Modern companies will spend a lot of their time online; whether they are building and maintaining sites or simply providing content, the internet plays a major part for many businesses. This can also lead to a heavy build up in the office of people using the same hardware, which can cause speed and connections to drop. By using two routers, you will have backup hardware to ensure you can always connect.3. De-fragment and delete - Some office workers may need to install programs that are for a single purpose, which is never needed again. Some programs will set themselves to open at start-up, despite being rarely used, taking up valuable processor speed and RAM - it is easy, however, to prevent this and uninstall them completely There is a simple and handy tool for uninstalling contained in the control panel, or for disabling at start-up, run msconfig.exe, go to start up tab and un-tick unnecessary programs.4. You may want to have a central network. Nine times out of ten computers will run slowly due to insufficient memory, so you could install a central computer as a way to minimize your computer usage. This central computer would then have all the memory that you need and it would be powerful to run regular computer tasks. This would then let you gain access to your computer system using a portable device, such as an iPad. And you could even look into macbook rental as a mac could still be used as a desktop computer.5. Organise the desktop screen, much like a real desk. You can reach maximise productivity if you keep it clear and spacious. Create folders and organise them effectively and for extra organisation, separate them by date. This will not really speed up your system; however it will make organising and checking files and documents a lot simpler.6. Install the latest Operating Systems. This may seem an expensive measure, but keeping the OS of your computer updated can provide a significant benefit. Advancing software is a key part of computing, so keeping an updated OS is a must.There are a large amount of methods of increasing the processing speed of your computer - some more costly than others and some harder to implement; however all are definitely worth using as they can help to simplify work and improve employee morale and overall productivity.

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