iPhone Apps For Children: Maybe you should hand your kids your iPhone, after all

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Many applications for the iPhone are well suited for children. This articles explores a number of these Apps.

iPhone app developers have not only created iPhone Apps for adults.Rather,Guest Postingfor those who trust their children with their iPhones,developers have also created applications that can help promote childrens education.This way,when parents or babysitters want a little peace,they can select the best apps by reading iPhone App Reviews and can then hand their phones over to their children feeling that they are providing an educational distraction.If you are seeking such apps,look no further; for readers benefit,we have provided a few such iPhone Game Reviews below:Little Cook:This app developed by Aqility ($3.99) gives children a fun introduction to cooking.Children learn to make their own decisions as they combine ingredients in their own virtual kitchen.They can make their favorite meals or zany creations (onion and peanut butter sandwich,anyone?),and these will then be tested by a professional kid-taster.Children will improve their decision-making and culinary skills,all while enjoying an engaging game with colorful graphics.ABC Animals:For younger audiences,this game by Critical Matter,Inc ($1.99) is a great tool to help children recognize,learn and say their ABCs.The app provides flashcards that children can scroll between:the cards all have illustrations of animals whose names match the letters phonetics and provide audio pronunciations.Additionally,children have the option to practice tracing both uppercase and lowercase letters on the iPhones screen.ABC animals even allows children to practice their ABCs in several languages,including English,French,German and Spanish! Word Magic:This app by anusen.com ($0.99) was developed with preschoolers and kindergarten kids in mind,or 3-6 years olds.A picture appears on the iPhone screen,with the name of the object or animal depicted appearing below.However,these words are missing a letter,and children must therefore select the missing letter for the picture.An audio feature reads out the picture for the word,and parents can choose three levels of difficulty depending on their childrens age and ability.Wheels on the Bus:This excellent app by Duck Duck Moose ($0.99) will delight children while encouraging language,coginitive and motor development.This is a musical book that lets parents and babysitters it and read along with children,and hear the song being played on a cello,piano,violin and a kazoo! The app is interactiveFree Reprint Articles,and it even lets you record your childs singing.It would be difficult for children not to become captivated by this lovely musical app!

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