iPhone Apps and Music: How the Two Worlds Have Perfectly Collided

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Apps for the iPhone increasingly bridge the gap between technology and music. This article explores a number of these applications.

iPhone Apps have rapidly become tools that can benefit musically inclined iPhone owners.Apps range from actually replacing instruments by serving as keyboards,Guest Posting to providing guides that will improve their instrument-playing abilities.By scrolling through app offerings and reading iPhone Game Reviews,iPhone owners can find the best music-related apps available.For readers benefit, we have provided a few such iPhone App Reviews below:Ultimate Guitar Tabs:This iPhone app,developed by Ultimate Guitar USA, LLC,provides unlimited access to a Tabs database of over 300,000 tabs.It not only enables its app users to access, learn and play their favorite songs anytime and anywhere, but it can also shows users cord diagrams while they read Chords.In this way, users no longer need to carry music sheets around whenever they would like to practice a song:they can simply search any artist or song title, select what Tab type they would like(e.g.,guitar Tabs,chords,bass Tabs),and choose songs by difficulty level and rating.ThumbJam:This new app by Sonosaurus offers users 30 instruments, with hundreds of scales to choose from.ThumbJam lets users switch between instruments such as the cello,electric guitar,trumpet and grand piano, as well as the trombone, flute, mandolin and pipe organ.This app makes use of the iPhones title and shake fuctions to add vibrato, tremolo, volume swells and note bends to sounds.LaDiDa:The human voice, of course, is its own instrument.The app LaDiDa by Khush Inc.($2.99) turns bad singing into good songs according to Wired.com.Indeed, this app serves a reverse karaoke function that analyzes a users voice and pitch and adapts music to match!LaDiDa will not only compose the best music to match voices, but it will also tune the users voice to correct the notes and add superior vocal effects! Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic:For those looking to carry their piano in a pocket,Peterbs Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic app($0.99) makes this possible.Piano players will appreciate the apps fully configurable keyboard, master tuning, adjustable reverb and automatic time stretch.It invites iPhone owners to play with u to five fingers and change the pianos tuning with the flick of their fingers.Amongst others featuresArticle Search,the app boasts 7 octaves of sampled concert grand piano and a built-in metronome.This app is bound to please even seasoned pianists!

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