Knowing More About Internet Cafe Manager And Inter Cafe Program

Oct 14


Muhammad Azeem Ashraf

Muhammad Azeem Ashraf

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Internet has grown famous very rapidly over the past few years. The use of internet and its need cannot be denied in any field.

Internet has grown famous very rapidly over the past few years. The use of internet and its need cannot be denied in any field. Be it students,Knowing More About Internet Cafe Manager And Inter Cafe Program Articles doctors, researchers, hotel workers, airport staff, corporation employees, people doing business in different fields, hospital staff, train station employees or any one. Every person needs to use the internet for one reason or the other. Also for specific use of the internet, internet cafés are opened and are running to give a good business to the people. 

Internet café is a place where users come to access internet from the computers. There are many names given to this internet cafe e.g. web café, cyber café or a net café etc. The meaning of all these words and the purpose of all such places is the same. The goal of them is to provide internet facilities to the users from their computers. People are also given the facility of internet games in an internet café. 

When a person goes to an internet café, he/she expects is to be secure and safe to use the internet from such a place. Internet cafe manager is a client and server based application. This application is used for managing the customer accounts. Also the security is checked with such a program. Internet cafe program also helps us in charging POS items and provides the latest statistics. With an internet cafe program, the business and revenue of an internet café can be increased. They attract more customers, as they are facilitated with an internet cafe manager. Internet cafe program is basically made for the internet cafés and network gaming centers. It can also be used in other places like hotels, libraries and other public places where the internet can be used.  The internet cafe program is very secure and gives different types of billing methods for different businesses. 

When it comes to security, the client computers are fully protected and secured through an internet cafe manager. The client computers are protected with login protection. The users need to verify their accounts before logging in to a computer. The client computers can also be opened from the server computer. The internet cafe program is a pre-paid service given to the clients. The users have to pay first before taking advantage of the services. When their pre-paid connection expires, then the users are automatically logged out from the connection. This gives a chance to another user to access the internet through the computer. 

The internet cafe manager often cooperates with the internet café guard software to carry out the centralized management of an internet café. Many users can be connected at a time, with the help of one server. It charges in real time. Also the time is calculated for each client with internet cafe manager software. With one server, you can manage all other computers on the network which are the clients on that particular network. With internet cafe manager software we can make any client machine start or stop, shut down or apply a time limit to it.