Malware Defined

Dec 3


Angeline Mabute

Angeline Mabute

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Computers are widely used by people nowadays. Everyone is just eager to have their own computers and enjoy the benefits of these high tech equipments. Computer owners have to deal with malware.

Computers are widely used by people nowadays. With everyone being hooked up with Internet,Malware Defined Articles computers are of big help for having fun, gaining knowledge and earning a living. Everyone is just eager to have their own computers and enjoy the benefits of these high tech equipments. Having a computer is not that easy especially when it comes to maintenance. Computer owners have to deal with malware. Do you know what a malware is?

Not techie people are not familiar with this malware thing. Some people are just concerned in how and where they're going to use their computers. For a start, a Malware is software made for penetrating a computer without the informed consent of the owner. It is also called malicious software. It is one of the causes of annoyance of computer professionals. In other words, Malware is a program or file that is harmful to the user.

Ever heard of “computer” viruses? They are also types of malware. Also include worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, dishonest adware, crimeware and other malicious and unwanted software. Viruses and worms are the best-known types of malware. Any computer is always at risk of becoming infected with them. Some malware are made to do serious damage to the computer causing harm or data loss. Some are not harmless but annoying.

Malware is not faulty software.  The difference lies in the intent. Malware is written with an illegitimate purpose. They can be accessed through the Internet, by World Wide Web or be sent in e-mail or instant messages. As a computer user, you must follow the below steps to reduce the risk of getting infected:

1. Be careful in opening e-mail messages or IM attachments. Make sure that they come from a trusted source.

2. Scan e-mail attachments before opening them.

3. Don’t read unwanted messages.

4. Don’t click links given by strange people.

5. Terminate your IM session if someone is sending you suspicious files, links or messages.

6. Scan all your files before transferring it to your computer.

7. Use a updated malware software removal for your computer security.

How will you know if your computer is infected with a malware?

Most times you can tell that a computer is infected with a Malware as it malfunctions and slows down. It also displays repeated error messages. You always experience having problems in shutting down and restarting the computer. A lot of pop-up ads always appear when you are and not surfing the web. However, sometimes you may not notice anything as the malware cleverly hides itself while it performs illegitimate actions as such steal or spy on your information.

As soon as you know that your computer has acquired a malware, you must not do shopping, banking and other online activities that required getting personal information from you because you might be victimized by thieves online. It is advisable that you have active and current security software – anti-virus, firewall or spyware software – installed to protect your computer.

Always monitor your computer. Take immediate action if you find something unusual happening in your computer. Malware can be a big problem but it can be prevented if you want to. Prevention is still better than cure. Don’t let malware be a threat to your system. Protect your computer now!

Your computer is not safe from being infected with the increasing malware over the Internet. They are everywhere! So you better protect your PC now with a good antivirus. If you need help choosing antivirus or if you think your antivirus is not effective then come to Techie Now, the PC support provider you can trust in for your computer security. We can assist you in any PC support services that you need. With us, you can be sure that your PC is protected 24/7.