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This article provides useful, detailed information about Computer Backup Software.

Backup is very important while storing files on a computer or any other electronic device such as a digital camera. Computers are often notorious for crashing,Guest Posting which causes all the data on the hard disk to be erased. Files can also be deleted accidentally.

Retrieving lost data from a hard disk is an almost impossible task. The best way to protect data is to store it in some other location/locations like CDs, tapes, DVDs, floppy disks, key drives, another hard disk or another computer.

Data backup is a very easy task today, with the availability of several software programs. The simplest way to create a backup is to simply copy and paste the files or folders onto a floppy drive or write them onto a CD. You can back up your entire computer onto CDs and DVDs with the help of zipping software that compress the files to fit onto the CDs.

Computer backup software programs are application programs that make data storage easier. These can perform different kinds of backups like full backup (backup of the entire hard drive, including all files, folder and applications); incremental backup (stores only those files that have been altered); archive bit (marker for the backup software to determine which files need backup storage); individual file back (only for individually selected files); files-in-use-backup (for files that are in use); individual folder backup (backup for all folders and files); complete system backup (backup of the entire hard drive including the registry, drivers, operating system, software applications and data files); one click system backup (simple backup with the click of a button); e-mail backup (for e-mails; compatible with Outlook Express, Eudora, and MSN); Address book backup; registry backup, favorites backup, and many others. The backup can be done yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly. Some popular computer backup software programs are Windows Backup, BackUp MyPC, Handy Backup, Win Backup, Second Copy, Argentum Backup, and Backup Now!

Some computer backup software programs also contain additional features such as password protection, password encryption, data compression, file filtering, backup verification, drive spanning, archiving, event log/reporting/catalog backups, CD/DVD erase capabilities, ability to create bootable backup and even restore files. There are also drive mirroring or disk imaging software programs that enable a complete system backup and recovery. These include the Norton Ghost and True Image.

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