Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus- A need of all Windows Devices

Dec 12


Kayla Garcia

Kayla Garcia

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Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus is a free-for-home-use antivirus and anti-spyware programthat replaces Defender and OneCare of the Microsoft only. In the starting, Security Essentials wasn't seen as a competitor to other antivirus software companies because of its small market share.


Now, Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus- A need of all Windows Devices Articles it is the leading Antivirus in the North America, and second most trusted antivirus software in the world.

Features of MS Security Essentials are:

  • Real-time scanning
  • Cleans operating system
  • Malware scanning
  • Virus scanning
  • Integrate with the Firewall
  • Automatic Updating
  • Simple graphical interface

The best thing about using Microsoft Security Essentials is that it contains elements from Microsoft's earlier antivirus client that is Forefront and its spyware client that is Defender. This means it scans, detects, and eliminates not just viruses, but also the spyware simultaneously. Meaning you don't certainly have to run a second spyware check, it helps in saving you memory as well as money. Moreover, the updated user interface is outstanding for computer users who don't like being tackled with many options to setup.

Disadvantages and restrictions of Microsoft Security Essentials contain the fact that it's not able to be managed centrally, so it isn't suitable for companies. Furthermore, the speed at which the application scans, whether fast or full scan, is quite slow. If you require an antivirus client that can hook into your email client, unluckily, Microsoft Security Essentials does not have that skill.

Microsoft Security Essentials was mainly created to make sure all PC users across the world would have and run some form of spam waresecurity. All-in-all, if you are observing for free-for-personal-use, basic antivirus and malware protection Microsoft Security Essentials is a best.

Reasons of MS Security Essentials Success are:

1.) The Color Coded Security Status Icon

Once you have downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials, the icon in the task bar will keep you knowledgeable of the security position of your computer. Green icon means everything is perfect, red or yellow confirms that there are some issues. The application will exactly tell you what to do from the icon; you don't even have to open the software from the Program Files.Microsoft Security Essentials will easily update in the background, downloading the latest virus descriptionseffortlessly, you won't even know it’s working in the background to keep your system safe. And that old system of yours that you stopped using a long time ago can also run this user friendly software and get back out on the web.

2.) It Is Free and Simple To Use

The only real prerequisite to run Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus is that your system must be having genuine Windows the application will need to check that your Windows key is real one before you download and run the free Antivirus. Once that is checked, the antivirus can be installed and it will repeatedly perform updates and a scan once it is installed.This antivirus software is easy to use, it actually do all of its future updates and scans in the background and updates itself repeatedly. You don't have to do anything; it is instructed to run when the computer is free, so this antivirus software will not slow you down or swamp down your applications.

When you are trying to easea little bit and surf the internet, upsetting about your system becoming infected will no longer be an issue, and you have now learned two reasons of Microsoft Security Essentials, as it is your best antivirus software protection. It provides outstanding features like direct protection and real-time scanning without slowing down your system. It will also alert you with a color-coded position icon in the task bar, alerting you that there is an issue that needs your intervention. But, believe me the best reason is the price and its ease of use. You simply install this software and it does the rest, letting you to surf the web with peace of mind knowing you are secure.