Mini-Notebooks: Small Is Huge

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Move over from the seven pounds notebooks which can give you backache problem; now ultra model, sleek and compact 2.5 pounds mini notebooks are available.

Notebooks are becoming an essential mobile accessory thanks to their easy portability and connectivity facility. Imagine the joy of surfing net from the comfort of wi-fi enabled pool side hotel area or the cafe without notebooks? With the rapid changing technology,Guest Posting conventional notebooks are no longer fashionable.

With powerful and advanced technology wrapped in a sleekly contoured compact manner, currently mini notebooks or ultra-mobile PCs as they are called have captured the attention of techno geeks. Even the smaller in size, the functionality of all other parts have not been compromised on mini notebooks. Fast hard disk drive, equivalent processor, high-speed DRAM , reasonable-sized keyboard for real typing and even intuitive Touch Panel pointing device that can be used with either its stylus or even a finger; all features are available in mini notebooks.

Mini notebooks can do what any other laptop or desktop can do. Rapid response time and ease of program modification are important advantages of mini notebooks. No doubt notebooks provide better visual experience, but at close to seven pounds, it could also be the cause of a bad back. Mini notebooks lower the heavy load strain common to conventional notebooks. Weighing around 2.6 pounds, these mini notebooks can still easily fit in a backpack or large handbag. Mini notebooks consume less power and as a result the heat generated is also low as compared to desktops or big notebooks. The radiation generated is also considerably lower. This is another advantage of mini notebooks.

However, mini notebooks do have its share of deficiency. The small screen might be a problem for some people. Others may be concerned because some model of mini notebooks store less data and sometimes run out of battery power faster than larger notebooks. The shrunken keyboards on the mini notebooks can also be difficult for the sausage-fingered. Mini-notebooks lack the raw power of their larger counterpart. It`s difficult to find discrete graphics in these categories. But without paying the hefty prices of traditional ultraportables, true portability is available in mini notebooks.

Mini notebooks have occupied only a small niche because of its expensive price and the shortcomings. Notebook manufactures have worked upon these shortcomings and as a result mini notebooks have advanced features to make up for earlier shortcoming. Manufactures are optimists that the consumers of this pocket pc will grow in coming period. With widespread use of broadband and online transactions, more and more people will prefer to use mini notebooks.

The advanced features available in some recently launched mini notebooks include flash memory storage of 4-8 gigabytes, larger Keyboard Pitch (16.8mm), has mobile computing feature, New fingerprint technology that allows users to bypass multiple password entry with one swipe of the finger, built-in wireless functionality, built-in wireless functionality, camera, biometric fingerprint security, long lasting battery up to 5hours and Battery charging state available in the Power-on Mode, not just in the Power-off Mode .

Some upcoming models also have screen size varying 8.9-inch to 10-inch and advanced features such as data encryption, multiple print storage, Bios fingerprint authentication, individual fingerprint application assignment, fingerprint website access and single touch boot features. Considering all the advanced features available, mini notebook can be really considered as cost effective.

Mini notebooks are a great information and communication companion, anytime and anywhere. However, before buying mini notebook, it`s advisable to do thorough research on it. Make a list of the features you are looking for in mini notebook. Go for genuine brands and pay attention to its after sales service and reliability aspect. Even after you decide which model you want to buy, it`s a good idea to get hands-on experience on your choice of model so that you can be rest assured of its performance.

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