Motorbike riding in the rural areas

Jun 8


osjohn smith

osjohn smith

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Safety matters first as we all say "Is better to lose one minute in life...than to lose life in a minute".

Riding a motorbike is a great fun loving activity. As per recent survey - Motorcyclists and moped users are more than two and a half times more likely to be killed on a rural road than on an urban road. Driving in the rural areas is more challenging than driving in urban areas as we have less convenience in such areas. A responsible driver should be aware of driving rules and regulation. This can be possible if you prepare your driving theory test and practical test with latest DSA theory test revision question and theory test CD/DVD's available online. You could face number of obstacles and challenges while driving in rural areas. Below are the few of those -
  • Blind curves
  • Damaged road surface
  • Slow moving vehicles
  • No guard rails or shoulder
  • Sharp curves
  • Lack of accurate maps or signs
  • Farm animals on the roads
  • Single track roads
Before riding a motorbike test people should pass the motorcycle driving theory test and then go for motorbike practical test. You get theory knowledge about the roads,Motorbike riding in the rural areas Articles signs, markings etc when you prepare for the Theory test and you get practical experience when you actually start taking riding/driving lessons. Even when after you get a full driving license, there is no end to learning, as driving/riding is such a skill that if you learn from experiences you become better driver day by day. Driving condition in the rural areas differ from those in the city areas as those areas are unmarked, hidden because of crops, bushes, or trees. There are many open highways many hazards and driving challenges. Pay attention to road signs, look for animals sign, falling road, changing Speed limits etc. Motor riders should keep their motorbikes in the good condition. You should ensure that your bike is clean and in good working order. Check the basics - tyres, fuel, oil and lights - replace anything that isn't in tip top shape. Scrub the lights, windshield, reflectors and any shiny surfaces. If you wear glasses, considering custom made eyewear to make your night vision as clear as possible. Overtaking on a rural road is incredibly dangerous and should be avoided unless you are certain about the road views. The country roads are usually narrow, so make sure to give other motorists space on the road. In any circumstances allow yourself every opportunity to successfully stop suddenly. Dim your headlights when you come in contact with other motorists, full lights particularly at night time can be blinding, remember to wear the helmet while riding motorbike. General safety tips for motor riders:
  • Always wear helmet
  • Keep your distance
  • Check for bikes when turning
  • Check for motorcycles at junctions
  • Park safely
  • Check for bikes when changing lanes
  • Wear bright or florescent gear during the day and reflective gear at night
  • Bikers must wear a protective jacket, gloves, boots and trousers
Follow these safety measures and enjoy your ride!