Plan a Family-Wide Technology Tune Up and Provide Ultimate Internet Safety

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Nowadays children spend a lot of time on internet and keeping them safe becomes one of the prime responsibilities of parents. 

If you too want to keep your online activities on track plan a technology tune up to keep your family safe.

1. Pack all the devices with passwords:

Make sure all the devices and the family router is packed with password. If your child has a phone,Guest Posting protect it with password so that it can stop a pall from looking into the photos or do anything hurtful or damaging from the phone. Call Norton tech support and get Norton’s identity safe to stay secure online.

2. Educate your kids:

Your kids are growing now. So, the filters you kept when they were in kindergarten is not going to work now. It is better to educate them and make them aware of the problems they could face if they did not take preventive measures each time they used the internet.

3. Keep your Wi-Fi safe:

Having a Wi-Fi at home is pretty common. Make sure you protect it with a strong password and keep another one for guests. Avoid using Wi-Fi networks in public places to pay your bills or check emails, bank accounts or any sensitive accounts with your personal details.

4. Keep the security protection factor or SPF level up of your computer:

Install a wide-ranging security suite on your desktop, laptops and mobiles. Just keep in mind that malware doesn’t care anymore for platform. It attacks as soon as it gets data. So, keep all your devices safe. Also, keep Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number with you so that you get technical assistance as soon as you face a problem.

Some tips to keep your kids safe online:

When buying a cell phone, try to give your kids a simple one in the beginning especially if your child is very young. It is good to have phone for calling and texting to start with. Set a rule and fix a place and time to make them charge their phones.

Install Norton mobile security on cell phones. Along with protecting the phones from any kind of malware attacks, it will also help you find your phone if it is lost.

Take some time out and educate yourself and make all the technology devices safe and trustworthy as far as possible. Keep yourself and your software updated no matter whether it is your computer or your mobile devices.

Buy mobile devices with prudence. Avoid purchasing anything from unknown websites or the sites with URL which do not start with ‘https:’ Report to The concerned authority as soon as you realize you have bought one. Norton Customer Support Number UK is always there for your help regardless of the time you call for help.

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Prevent your children from over using the computer. Try and have a set time and schedule for them and make sure you do that keeping in mind the age and their academic requirements. Be strict with access to computers and let your kids know the significance of staying safe in life.

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