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In the last issue, we made some address lists. In this issue, we will print out address labels from our ... is great for ... cards. Just make the list, print out the labels and stick them

In the last issue,Guest Posting we made some address lists. In this issue, we will print out address labels from our lists.

This is great for Christmas cards. Just make the list, print out the labels and stick them to the envelopes.

You will save time printing out your labels, plus you can create a wide variety of designs, text styles and sizes. Why not add your own image or logo for your business?

You will need some sheets of sticky labels.

Go to start-programs-Microsoft Works. In the Works Task Launcher, click on the tab that says Works Tools, then click on Word Processor. A new document will appear.

Notice: You can also use Microsoft Word to print the labels. Just go to start-programs-Microsoft Word. Go to the Tools menu and click on Mail Merge. There will be a Mail Merge Helper. Follow the directions.

In Microsoft Works, go to the Tools menu and click on Labels. Click on the To Create Labels button. A page with Instructions will appear. There is also a tab called Label Size. Click on this tab. Look on the package that your labels came in. It will tell you the size. Choose that size from the list. Click on that size and click Next.

Note: If your label size isn't listed, click on the custom button and type in the dimensions.

Click on the Database tab. Click on one of the address lists we create in the last issue and click Next.

Now click on the Recipients tab. If you want to print a label for everyone on the list, be sure All records in database is checked. If you want to print labels for just certain people from the list, click Currently marked records in the database. Click on View Database. Go through your list and place a check mark beside each name you want to print a label for. If you click the wrong name, click it again to remove the check mark.

Click on the Label Layout tab, then choose the field you want to appear first on the label. When you click on the field to appear first,, then click the Add Field button. There will be a screen right under the fields, called Label Layout. The field you added will appear there. Repeat for the other fields. Click Next. Ex: Click on Title-Add Field. Choose whether you want the first or last name to appear first. It will look like this:
{{Title}} {{First name}} {{Last name}} or
{{Title}} {{Last name}} {{First name}}
Then click New Line. We will put in the address, so it would look like this:
{{Address 1}}
{{City}} {{Postal code}}

Click on the Advanced tab-Edit. Here you can change the font, by highlighting the copy, going to the font shortcut on the toolbar. If you want, you can click on the B on the toolbar to make the font bold.

Want to insert an image? If you just want to use a picture from the ClipArt collection, decide where you want the image to appear. Click in that spot. Go to the Insert menu and choose Picture-ClipArt. Click on a category and find the image you want. Right-click the image and choose Insert clip.

If you want to use a picture from your hard drive or your company logo, instead of choosing ClipArt, choose From File instead of ClipArt. You can then find the image on your hard drive, click on the picture you want to insert, then click ok.

To resize your image, click on the image. Click on one of the corner handles and drag it to the size you want. Click somewhere outside the image to get rid of the handles.

To get the text to sit beside the picture, right-click on the image and choose Format Picture. Click on the Text Wrap tab, then the Absolute button. Click ok.

Tip: If you design a label that you might want to use again, save it. You will receive a prompt to save it before you close the document. Do so.

Note: From the ClipArt, you could choose a Christmas picture if you are printing Christmas card labels.

Click on the Printing tab and click on Preview, to see what your label looks like. Do a test printing on a piece of paper to make sure they print correctly and look the way you want them to. Overlay the paper on the sheet of labels to make sure they fit. That way, you won't waste any of your labels. If they are not right, click on the Label size tab and choose a new size. When you are happy with the look and are sure they fit on the label, click the Print button.

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