SAP Business One Service Module Implementation Highlights for Consultant

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Sap B1 is relatively new player on mid-size and small businesses ERP market and this definitely gives it some advantages.  Sap Business One has modern design and intuitive interface with such cool data analysis features as drag and relate, where you can simply drag something like item number and relate it to Sales Invoices to see all of them, where this item was sold

Plus this MRP is very simple in its installation and initial balances entry to prepare for use in production.  In this small publication we would like to give you service module deployment highlights:

1.       Warranty Contracts.  If you sell items with following warranty contracts,Guest Posting where you include free parts, labor and travel time during warranty period and your warranty covered items could be serialized, then you should definitely look into SAP BO Service module and see the demo.

2.       Expenses turned into invoice.  You can do it directly from Item Contract screen, turning your parts, labor hours and travel into invoice.  If one of these tree component is covered by warranty contract, you will be warned and you have an option to decide to bill, say parts, that are extra and not included in real warranty

3.       Item card.  Here you can see all the history of the item – from whom it was purchased, when and to whom sold and under which contract.  You need item card separate from contract, because in some cases you will have one contract per customer or per group of items sold to the customer

4.       Comprehensive reporting.  In SB1 as you should expect, reporting is not a static, it is in essence query, from where you can drill down to original documents, if needed

5.       Licensing.  SAP Business One works in all-in-one license mode at this time, meaning that you pay for named user license and this named user has access to all SB1 modules, assuming that you do not have third party add-ons

6.       Current version.  At this time, April 2008 we are expecting version 2007 to be released soon, working version is 2005

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