TikTok: Find & Use The Filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate’

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Sacks is the creator of the filter and once on the right page, all of Sacks' filters can be accessed by clicking on the smiley face icon.

Source: TikTok: Find & Use The Filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate’

If you are fascinated by the TikTok videos ‘Where is Your Soulmate,Guest Posting’ then you can also make your video. Here are the instructions you need to follow.

TikTok is popular among a large number of users all across the globe. It has been designed in such a way that you can make short videos and make it viral in just a few minutes. Those who know the right formula can become a big star with a huge fan following on this platform. However, the ways for making videos on the popular filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate’ is quite different from that videos users often make on TikTok but not so complicated. If you are also among those wondering how to make videos using the popular filter  ‘Where is Your Soulmate,’ then it is not so difficult. But, you should have an account on the Instagram app after getting it downloaded.

The filters featured on Instagram are wildly popular among users. Many users often create their videos and share them on the platform. Many other users copy these videos by using similar filters and upload them on the platform. In this regard, the working methodology of filters is very much the same as the way used by the TikTok videos and challenges to go viral. On TikTok also, the users make and share videos, and when these videos become viral, many other users copy and use the same style and music to upload their version based on the same viral videos.

Now, the main reason why Instagram matters here is being the originating point of ‘Where is Your Soulmate.’ So, the people looking to upload their videos of Soulmate will need to have their account on Instagram. Besides, the users will need to have the app downloaded on iOS or Android to download the filter and video. The users who don’t have their user account on Instagram may run into several issues as the screen is not available on TikTok.


Find and Use the filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate.’

Considering the fact that the users have downloaded the Instagram app on their devices and logged in, they can find the filter by using the search bar. The users will need to search for the profile page of Erika Sacks. As Erika has created the filter and so one you will be redirected to the authentic page, it will become easy to access the filter. The users will need to click on the icon appearing as the smiley face to access all Sacks’ filters. Further, you will need to scroll down and search for Soulmate Radar. Once you found the filter, then click on it to see how the videos of the filter work. Then, you can tap on the option appearing as “Try It,” which will further launch the camera of your device. It will provide the users with a way to test the feature for themselves.

Now, the users will need to record and test the feature to get these videos further on TikTok as they can’t download the filter on TikTok. So, the users will need to make the videos on Instagram, along with testing it. Later, the users can upload these videos on TikTok by using two options. As the first option, you will need to download your video from Instagram Story while sharing your videos on it. As the second option, the users will need to download their newly recorded videos without sharing it on Instagram. The users can download the videos by clicking on the icon of download appearing at the top screen.

Regardless of the options, you are choosing, the users get their videos downloaded to the local storage of the device. Here, the users will need to enable the option Save to storage in the Settings section of Instagram. Now, the users can upload the same recorded and saved video to TikTok like any other video. Also, you can make many other tweaks to your video, including adding songs.

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