Transfer mts file to wmv for importing to windows movie maker

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The article shows you the step-by-step guide on how to edit MTS in Windows Movie Maker with windows movie maker converter.

Windows movie maker known as a video editing application,Guest Posting it is a part of Microsoft's windows Essentials software suite. With this software you can quickly add photo and video from your camera or pc into movie maker, then you can adjust your video freely, juse like move things around, speed it up, slow it down, and so on. To make your movie polished and professional you can add transitions and effects. After editing, you can share it online on facebook or other social networking and video sharing sites.

Then what formats does windows movie maker supported for importing? It support video files are:.asf, .avi, .wmv, Movie files: MPEG1, .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2, Audio files: .wav, .snd, .au, .aif, .aifc, .aiff, Windows Media files: .asf, .wm, .wma, .wmv, Still images: .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif, MP3 format audio: .mp3.

Windows movie maker supported formats for saving movies are: Windows Media video files: .wmv, Windows Media audio files: .wma, DV/AVI format for video: .avi.

For these you will notice the wmv format, the wmv is short for windows media video, it is originally designed for Internet streaming applications, it is a competitor to RealVideo. The wmv format has the advantages of allowing compression of large files without quality losses, and it is supported on many modern portable video devices and streaming media clients, it is also can be played with numerous third-party players that use FFmpeg.

MTS file is a higg-definition mpeg transport stream video format, often called AVCHD, used by Panasonic, Sony, Canon and other HD camcorder, it is based on the MPEG-2 transport stream.

"Convert .mts into .wmv?

I have a few video files that are saved as .mts & my computer isn't able to view them. Is there any way I can convert them to a .wmv? Thanks"

If you want to import mts to windows movie maker for editing, you also will come across the problem as above, to solve this difficulty, you can use doremisoftwindows movie maker converter to convert mts to wmv, Doremisoft Windows Movie Maker Video Converter can take videos from all sources and make them usable for Windows Movie Maker. You can learn how to convert mts to wmv with this software.

Step 1: Download windows movie maker converter, install it and then run the converter.

Tips: The MTS to WMV Converter can easily transcode or encode dozens of video or audio codecs, so you can better enjoy the recorded .mts files. For example: convert MTS to WMV for Windows Media Player or convert video to windows movie maker, MTS to MOV for QuickTime and more.

Step 2: Press "Add File" to load your MTS file to the software.

Step 3: Choose "HD Video"-> "HD WMV Video" as output format. You can also specify the folder to store the .wmv video.

Step 4: Click "START" to begin the mts to wmv conversion.

Note: When the conversion is done, you can import the converted video into windows movie maker for editing, just have fun.

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