Vector Drawing Programs

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One of the best tools in creating and modifying a vector-based image is the Adobe Illustrator. Artworks done through the Illustrator can be used for print, multimedia and online graphics.

Illustrator is used to open and manipulate vector-based drawing. Vector-based images are series of points connected by lines. It is also called object-oriented or draw images. It uses geometrical formulas to represent images.

Vector files have graphical elements called objects. These objects have properties including color,Guest Posting shape, outline, size, and position on the screen as well as the definition of the object. It is also a self-contained entity, which means that the properties of the object can be moved and changed without affecting the other objects while the clarity and crispness are preserved. This characteristic makes a vector-based image suitable for illustration and 3D modeling. An image is created by connecting vector point with straight or curved lines. Vector point or anchor point is the basis and the most fundamental component in every vector image

Unlike bitmap images, vector-based images are resolution dependent. The quality of the image increases as the resolution increases. So it looks better on devices with higher resolution. It can also be resized and stretched and does not become grainy. Since bitmap images are composed of dots, it losses its quality and proportion when stretched.

Vector images can also be converted to bitmap images. Almost all graphics system and animation software use vector graphics because it can be manipulated.

Importing of vector images into EPS, GIF or JPEG is not a problem. Vector images created by Illustrator or Freehand are composed of multiple objects. This allows the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector image to be reduced or enlarged without sacrificing the quality.

Vector images are commonly used in GIF or Graphical Interchange Format files because they both consume a small file size, which is an advantage in Web page making.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), mostly photographic images that undergoes editing, use vector images because of its resolution dependency.

If you want to make graphs and charts for presentations and printed publication, Illustrator is the right tool. You can also convert scanned art line into vector artwork. It is also used to rotate, distort and create special effects with text. However, Illustrator is not suited for page layout programs. A page layout program is where you make your catalogs, brochures, etc. You can import text or type text directly into the page layout document.

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