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Article: Audixp with ... review .By: zoneview My first computer case I used to have was the blank ATX case with 3 exposed bays and 3 hidden bays. In fact, I was really pleased with what I had

Article: Audixp with side-window review .
By: zoneview
My first computer case I used to have was the blank ATX case with 3 exposed bays and 3 hidden bays. In fact,Guest Posting I was really pleased with what I had at that time. Actually, I was really proud of what I had. But, when i went to computer fair located in Pomona, Ca , my mind completely changed . A beautiful modified case with see-through window was caught into my attention. It was a hand-made case. The cost for that amazing case was $300. I was surprised with the case and also with the high-rocket price. The only thing in my head was "Why would i spend $300 for the stupid case? ", "Is that worth it ?" . Few booths away from the case was the windows kit which you can use to modify computer case's side window. It actually fitted into my needs and it was cheap compared to the modified case I had seen before. I bought it for and tried to modify it myself. You don't know how hard it was for me to cut the window open. I got scratches all over my hand. The window was ruined. I actually had to thrown the entire kits away because it didn't work out really well for me. I don't blame my awkward skill but it is truly hard for ordinary people to modify it on the hard material. I finally decided to go with the case. It is expensive in the first place, but i love it . It has neon light, see through window and it comes with 250W power supply. The entire system glows in the dark with the beautiful green light can catch people attention, especially my friends. They are all impressed. Because of its high-end look and the high price, see-through side window is getting more and more popular. But the price for the window is still high. The price range for it is from $30 to $60. Recently, Ahanix releases one of the special computer case with the see-through window. It comes with affordable price and best in performance. It is an incredible good-looking case. They named it Audixp. I don't know how they come up with the name but I like how it sounds. Because of many good features Audixp has, I decided to write a review for it. I hope you'll like the Audixp after reading this article.
Audixp comes in two colors : Dark Silver and Silver as shown at the bottom from left to right. Both have see-through windows. As I know Audixp first generation doesn't come with side-window. You have to be careful when purchasing the case somewhere else. They might have the first generation without window but it costs the same. I also see the side-window sold at many places. But the price is really high. The regular price in the market about $25-35 for a single side-window. It might not even fit with your computer case. One thing I would like people to aware of is the window kit and side-window are not the same. The kit is to transform the side panel to the side-window.

Dark silver


Capacity and features:
Audixp has :
3x5.25" external bays for multimedia drives
2x3.5" external bays for floppy drive and zip drive
2x3.5" internal bays for two hard drives.
Total: 7 bays
1x80mm back case fan included with the case.
1x80mm front case fan can be installed , not included with the case
2 Front USB ports and 1 front Firewire port.
See-through side-window

What can you do with Audixp?
It's not so hard to answer this question if you are case modifiers or mod lovers. With the super bright light of the cold cathode, you can power up your own shown room. Below is some of the pictures using different cold cathode.

At night the case looks spectacular, you can combine the case with black light in your room to make your own theme of color or you can even modify the case to your own music box. The available cold cathode 's color is red, green, and blue. The light is amazing. Devices can be installed to match with the light color are DigitalDoc5 and NewQ Platinum. Cool isn't it.

The best part about Audixp is the price. With the budget lower than $100 you can bring this case home and enjoy the beautiful of it. Instead of buying the window alone for $30, you can get the windows and a beautiful computer case only from $70-80. This is the time to forget about the old cheap case. Everybody is using High-end cases. Why don't you get one today !!!
Conclusion: Audixp is the best case for people love to mod but don't want to take hassle or time to do it. It comes with the low price compared to other high-end case with modified window. You will love it when you see it.
Notice that I don't write the review in depth because every part of the case displays on the picture with description. Click here to see more

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