What Are the Most Popular HRIS/HRMS Features and Options?

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Based on results from the CompareHRIS.com Human resource information system (HRIS) selection tool, CompareHRIS.com was able to compile the following list of the most popular features and options offered with today's industry leading HRIS/HRMS applications. The results show the percentage of the time each feature or option was selected by those using the selection tool from surveys completed over the past year.

Data for this information was compiled from those companies with between 100 to 1,Guest Posting000 employees.

Ten most popular HRIS/HRMS Features and Options:     1. Job and Pay History 85%2. Ability to import/export data 85%3. Ad Hoc Report Writing 82%4. Email Alerts 79%5. User Defined Fields 73%6. Attendance and Leave Accrual Tracking 72%7. Employee Self Service 71%    8. Benefits Open Enrollment 69% 9. Online performance management 69%10. Payroll 58%

CompareHRIS.com's free HRIS selection tool provides users the ability to define their needs in detail and, upon completing the tool, view a scored list of the HRIS products providing the closest match to their unique needs. Users are then able to compare the features of each system side by side, view individual product data, view pre-recorded demos or contact the vendors directly to receive additional information or be provided with a demo of the system. Experience, focus, and attention to detail make CompareHRIS.com different than any other HRIS selection tool on the Internet.

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