What is an API and Its Some Basic Examples?

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API or Application Programming Interface in English and the API and what you need from the English translation because it is inaccurate. API is simply the interface between a development environment and developers, allowing developers to take advantage of this environment without having to build everything from scratch. In general, the purpose of the API is to hide the details of the encapsulation and to highlight the method of using the code.

An example of the reality of the idea,Guest Posting when the engine companies produce a new engine, they encapsulate this engine and put it on the market for the benefit of companies to build their own products, such as cars and may be used by the company without going into the details of manufacturing What is important to the company is how to use the engine to build the product and not how to make the engine .
This is exactly what happens in programming when we use Class, Function or Plugin in our project. What really matters to us is how we use it to serve our project, not how it works.

Here are some basic examples of APIs

There are many examples of famous Forex APIs that we encounter every day. For example, Facebook provides an API for sites to log on without having to build a login system from scratch. When you want to add this add-on to your site, you will not know how to build it but what you care about how to use it to add to your site or application , And there are many other API examples such as Google Maps that allow developers to display parts of maps to a certain location on their application or location.
Another example is when you buy something online from a particular site, this site uses the VISA API to communicate with it and deduct money from your card.
Another example of this is desktop applications. If you want to build a program and this program wants some control over the computer, it uses the API provided by the operating systems to control the machine without much work to get these powers and enter programming at lower levels and use the language of assembly or assembly in order to perform this operation.

A recent example of MySQL API in PHP is when you type a query such as:

mysql_query (‘SELECT * FROM tablename’);

All we care about is that the function to query from the database but a lot of details hidden from the developers. There are many other examples but these are famous examples but the comprehensive API concept is not limited to these examples, but as we mentioned, it is generally hiding and packaging certain parts to be used in one way or another, and here the article ends and thank you.

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