Why to Adopt .Net

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Why adopt ... and web ... For ... to truly harness the power of the ... websites must evolve. They must learn to interact with one another as well as with existing s

Why adopt .Net

•Websites and web services: For businesses to truly harness the power of the internet,Guest Posting websites must evolve. They must learn to interact with one another as well as with existing systems and applications. XML web services represent the evolution of the websites.
•Integration: Taking the modular aspects of modern software applications and allowing them to communicate through standard internet protocols (XML & SOAP), XML Web services offer a direct means by which business processes and interact.
•Reaching out: Creating XML web services and exposing them on the internet also provides another key advantage, it greatly expands the number of customers and business partners that can come in contact with a business's services.
•Rapid Development: Microsoft's Visual Studio .Net and the .Net framework empowers developers to quickly and easily create cutting-edge XML web services and applications building on their existing skills sets. Through multi-language support, developers are free to use the appropriate language in building web services. In addition to their technical capabilities, these developer technologies help alleviate the greatest scarcity in the world: skilled programmers.
•New opportunities: with .Net software and services, corporate IT departments will share in the ability to create new and novel revenue streams. By exposing key business processes that were typically locked in internal systems, the enterprise can create a number of new and exciting opportunities to make money.
•Empowering Employees: .Net offers the promise of allowing employees to act on the appropriate information where and when they need it. A contact or appointment added to a pocket PC by a project manager while at a job site can instantly be accessible to members of the same team scattered through the world.

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