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Dynamics GP mid-market Corporate ERP and MRP application, or how it was known to its traditional customers in mid 1990th and earlier 2000th – Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise, has broad number of horizontal and vertical solutions

One of the horizontals could be named as Supply Chain Management,Guest Posting Distributions, Logistics and Consignment Extensions.  WMS or Warehouse Management System is part of SCM extensions and we would like to give you Warehouse Management automation highlights for Dynamics GP:
1. Extending GP Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing and Inventory Control native modules.  WMS extension, that we recommend works directly out of Great Plains objects: Sales Order, Purchase Receipt, Inventory Count, Adjustment and Transfer.  By doing so this solution is in essence extension, comparing to External Warehouse Management System, also offered on the Barcoding and Distribution software and hardware markets.  Extending by its nature doesn’t require integration.  WMS external system integration often in turn sensitive to the processes in WMS and can have some potential to over budgeting in implementation and even possible failures.  Extension also allows you to save on software licenses, as external Warehouse Management System often duplicates features, already available in Dynamics GP native SOP, POP, Inventory modules
2. Sales Order Fulfillment on the Inventory floor.  WMS extension has its server and client WMS, running on the Barcode scanner directly.  Barcode scanner client scans Sales document number and allocates scanned items one by one with their quantities and potentially even lot numbers, when required.  Scanner transmits data in real time to WMS Server and the server pushes data back to Dynamics GP SOP Sales Order.  Here we need to deploy Sales Order type with manual allocation for WMS related fulfillments
3. Merchandize Replenishment on the Inventory Floor.  Here WMS client application on the Barcoding device works directly with Dynamics GP Purchase Receipt document and receives by matching to PO lines, or without matching.  Lot numbering logic is available if required
4. Inventory QTY maintenance on the warehouse floor.  Here WMS client works directly with Inventory module transactions: Adjustment, Transfer or Cycle Count
5. Real Time vs. Batch mode barcoding integration.  Simplest and natural way is real time integration, where you have direct constant connection between barcode scanner and PC computer, playing the role of Warehouse Management System Server.  This is possible via RFID technology, or even by enabling scanner to talk to warehouse worker personal tiny computer with wireless connection to the WMS server.  However, if you prefer batch mode, we have optional functionality, saving Barcode scanner records into temporary file for future upload to the WMS Server
6. Going beyond the standard WMS logic – Consignment and Delivery route optimization.  You can also order Consignment extension to the WMS, which is especially useful in Food and generic merchandise consignment industries, where you deliver to your business partners (resellers, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Fast food stores in the airports, duty free shops, etc.).  Consignment could be also supported by Merchandise delivery route optimization, where you can honor preferred delivery dates and hours for your business partners or franchisees
7. WMS integration with eCommerce.  Yes, we are aware about the trend in retailing and wholesaling, where your B2B or B2C ecommerce customers are tending to switch from phone calls to ecommerce online ordering (EDI scenarios possible).  We actually demonstrated our eCommerce extensions, working with such popular shopping carts as Magento, Asp.Net Store Front or Nop Commerce (more options are coming) to be synchronized with our  WMS and SCM extensions on Convergence 2010 in Atlanta.  If you missed the even, please see our booth on Convergence 2011 in Atlanta in April of 2011
8. WMS Extension and Dynamics GP Great Plains Dynamics versions support.  Our solution supports most of the Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise versions on MS SQL Server: 2010(11), 10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.5, 7.0, 6.0.  However, considering the fact that WMS and SCM extension software licenses cost could be comparable to the Accounting Backoffice (Dynamics GP core modules), we strongly recommend you to upgrade to at least Dynamics GP 10.0 or even 2010 version, prior to implementing WMS.  We are ready to work with you on the upgrade projects, please, be reassured that upgrade is not a such a big deal as it was in the past (we heard terrible stories when upgrade failed and SQL data fixes were required)
9. Dynamics GP WMS extension on the international market.  Here you have to take into consideration that current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is localized in USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Spanish Speaking Latin America and Caribbean, plus Arabic countries.  Not localized versions are available in the following languages: Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, French (France – please note that Canadian Dynamics GP for Quebec is localized and available in French), Dutch, German, Italian.  If you have Dynamics GP in USA based Headquarters and would like to extend your ERP application to your international subsidiaries and locations in those countries (without concern to local tax legislation, this is what ERP localization is about)
10. SAP Business One or Microsoft Dynamics AX Axapta for your international subsidiary.  Well, certainly it is a drawback to learn the fact that Dynamics GP is not localized in such regions as Brazil, China, Japan, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Germany.  SAP Business One is available of those ERP markets as budget solutions or you can pick Dynamics AX Axapta, in any case we are happy to walk you through Corporate ERP sale cycle and final decision
11. How to get further information and help?  Please call us in USA: 1-866-528-0577 or internationally 1-630-961-5918 or email us help@abaspectrum.com or even skype us albaspectum.  We are very comfortable in implementing SCM and WMS extensions on the international market.  Our Dynamics GP ERP consultants speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Filipino.  We typically go onsite internationally for initial WMS and SCM implementation and then support it remotely via Web Session and Phone and Video Conferences.  We are also happy to bail you out of lapsing with Microsoft Dynamics GP annual enhancement program (typically required in the USA and Canada, but not required internationally)
12. Last Flint: Barcoding and Great Plains Bill of Materials and Manufacturing Suite of Modules.  We are happy to enable Manufacturing or BOM screens for Barcoding in Dynamics GP on demand

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