7 Most Important Valuable Parts of Old Cars

Jan 8


Mohd. Salem

Mohd. Salem

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The cars we drive cannot be used and gone forever. Finally, there comes a time when they stop working. The old car parts are worth it and can be used in other cars. This article studies the seven most valuable aspects of junk cars that can be recycled.



The task of the car engine is to create the power of movement in the car. The type and quality of the engine depending on the type of vehicle and the fuel used. To prevent engine failure,7 Most Important Valuable Parts of Old Cars Articles change the engine oil from time to time.

Engine failure can altogether disable the car, making its repair very expensive. The cylinder and piston are important components of the engine. Going to a repair shop is time-consuming, and hard to repair the engine and transmission.

Engine Cylinder Block

The cylinder block is, in fact, the engine body of an internal combustion car engine, where other components are moved. The crankshaft, piston ring, connecting rod, cylinder head, cartel, and gas manifold are placed. This piece is one of the parts that can be reused or recycled.

Cylinder Head

This part is located in the upper part of the cylinder block. Components such as spark plugs and valves are installed on it. When recycling old cars, they look for parts on cars to scrap for precious metals.

The cylinder head is necessary to complete the cylinder body. These parts are not made of metals like platinum but iron and ammonium alloys by casting and injection. Scrap yards also search for built-in GPS systems, airbags, air conditioning systems, and even unused airbags.

Catalytic Converter

Cars are one of the worst polluters of the environment, which is not a secret to anyone. To reduce the impact of environmental pollution, car manufacturers use a part called a catalytic converter that brings the good condition to gases and emissions.

The main task of this part is to convert the toxic gases produced by the car into harmless gases. This part is located as close as possible to the car engine. Salvage yards require you to scrap your car when they are disabled.

Transmission System

The main task of this part is to convert the combustion force produced in the car into physical motion and transfer it to the wheels to move front and rear. Also, it handles transferring the generated force to the wheels.

This system has three main tasks. They are power transmission to the wheels, disconnection and connection of power, and change of torque value.

The important components of the transmission system are as follows:

  • Clutch
  • gearbox
  • Mill Garden
  • Differential
  • Plus

Each of the components of the power transmission system has specific tasks and generally follows the spectrum of the system. Failure and damage to the components of the power transmission system in your car can altogether disable it.

Engine Control Unit

The task of this part is to control various functions in the car. Procedures such as air-fuel ratio control, ignition time control, rest time control, variable valve timing control, and electronic valve control are in the car. In short, it can be said that engine control is related to this part and is very important.

Crankshaft and Camshaft

The crankshaft and camshaft are two essential parts of old cars. The crankshaft is the car's part that converts the pistons' linear motion into rotary motion.

The crankshaft is usually made of steel and carbon or steel alloy with nickel and chrome. Vanadium is also used for quick cooling in the construction of this piece.

The function of the camshaft is to open and close the valves. This car part is also essential for better car performance. There are different types of camshafts, each of which is different depending on the type of car.

The parts of old cars are more or less different from new modern cars, but the function is essential. All old car parts are completely recyclable. If you keep an old car on your property, its value decreases with each passing day. Car parts and metals get rusted every day and show more signs of wear and tear.

The car engine and its related components have value no matter how old.