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Jul 12


Sam Miller

Sam Miller

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This article describes how to find and replace a text easily without any difficulty

Each of us needs to create,Find and replace text-Complete information Articles edit many documents daily as it is impossible to do so manually. That is why number of tools and utilities programs has been created to search the content, edit them or replace the contents.

While working with word documents or power point presentations or excel spreadsheets one usually deals with limited number of such files at a time. Most of the processing tools are enough for such kind of tasks like searching or editing within two three documents. One can easily search for a particular phrase, word and find them and perform the required operation. However, when one is working across multiple documents, such a task become very complex and most of the tools do not work properly.

Usually most of the people do not even know that such a software is available that can make searching hassle free. Most of us just keep on using the inbuilt search provided by the operating systems and never bother to download such utility applications which are available free on the internet. So it clear that if you have a large number of files on your hard disk and you don’t want to end up waiting while searching a file then use such an utility and make your searching a fun. There are number of search and replace utilities that one can download from the Internet that can be used to make searching and replacing process faster. Moreover most of these applications are free to download.  Other benefits of using such file management programs is that such  programs let the user to  organize the file systems and to even recover the damaged or corrupted files.

Such file search and management utility programs can do following tasks:

Searching of files by their size and replacing string with new string.

Searching files on basis of some keywords; that are part of file.

Advanced search options which makes search faster and accurate.

Supports all file formats such as .DOC, .PDF, .HTML, .RTF, .bmp etc.

Provide other features like copying, editing, deleting redundant files.

Recovering corrupted files.

Tracking deleted files and make log entries.

Advanced functions like file archiving, encryption, password protection.

Most of the operating system comes with a built-in search tool that can search the file on the hard disks but such tools works only if you give a precise right file name or know its actual location on the hard disk. Imagine some one has one lakh files on the hard disk then how he can remember their names or location and if such a user needs to search a file then it gets very irritating and time consuming. So only way left for such a user is to download free or paid software with advance searching capabilities like search by size, search by content and search by date of creation. Find and replace directory or document utilities are very handy for a variety of applications. Every one of us will need such a tool at some point of time when number of directories is too large and it is difficult to manage them with generic tools.

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